Spider-Man x Deadpool

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There is only one person who could bring them together: Vanessa Carlysle!!! 
If she was alive and had married Wade, he would be Peter Parker's son-in-law. Don't you agree?
Does anyone else feels that Vanessa Carlysle is actually a hybrid clone of Mystique with Spider-Man's DNA? I believe that she was conceived using Mystique and Spider-Man's DNA same to create her in the future. From there, someone traveled back in the past (with the test tube with the egg cell) and implanted it into Mrs. Dorothy Carlysle's womb. This would have allowed her to carry he child to term, and she would believe that Vanessa was her child.

I would love to see Vanessa not only come back into Deadpool's world once again, but also Spider-Man and Mystique's world respectively. You could say that Vanessa Carlysle is actually the daughter of Spider-Man and Mystique. Here is her info:


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I thought the title was suggesting....Nevermind.

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Not gonna bash your creativity or imagination, but WTF?

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Very weird,but also clever and believable when you think about it. :@

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I'm just gonna put this here so other fangirls won't come here and leave disappointed.

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@HarlequinKiss said:

I'm just gonna put this here so other fangirls won't come here and leave disappointed.

Their baby would never shut up.

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