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Can any1 imagine a "deadpool meets superboy prime" story arc where Wade meets Superboy prime on Earth prime?.Hahaha.Man writers could probably have a lot fun breaking the 4th wall & stuff if they did that.Also can any1 imagine a "Deadpool:The end" minseries similar 2 what they've done with Wolvie,the fantastic four and the hulk?.It would add more substance 2 the story if they made Wade seems like he was b4 '97 when he got his trademark action comedy series with 4th wall breaking.A more serious side o'Wade would b useful 4 say a final death bed scene.Thanks 4 ur time

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i got a random thought about who deadpools, i dont know if this is the right word for it, target audiance? i dunno, its something like that. anyway deadpool fills


the nitch that spidey left out when trying to appeal to


  the common person. sure spideys luck may be down and he's had to struggle most of his life. but when you come right down to it he's a


genius with a great family and really close friends who would do practically anything for each other. but what about those who have to go it alone? for those who don't have spideys ideal relationships or


anything, to see him always say "i must do this for them" all the time is almost depressing because with the way things are for you, his driveing force for being a superhero seems out of reach, and most of


the time it is. so along comes deadpool, a funny, insane, 4rth wall breaking killer, who is also alone. rarely by choice deadpool is forced into being alone by his past, his looks, and by being plain old weird.


and think about his breaking the fourth wall and let me tell you what he's subliminally saying to you "i know your there, and im suffering with you. follow me and ill show you how to cope with style". deadpool


appeals to the part of your being that fears being alone, and then gives you a good laugh about it, which is just what you needed.

plus his costume is badass, there's alot of emotional depth about him, and he kills people.    


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alright what the hell is up with the spacing on my previous comment?

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