Quick question about recent events in deadpools character

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I'm obviously new here but I have been reading comics for about 18 years. Deadpool is my favorite marvel, I kind of slacked up on my comic reading the past two years just been picking them up off an on. Anyway I was told that Deadpool is no longer insane and has lost his healing factor and that this all happened before he joined X-force, I recently read the comics where angel now archangel was pretty much taking over where apocalypse left off. In these comics the iceman form the Aoa unicerse freezes deadpool and shatters him into peices and he later shows up just fine. so what Im asking is did he regain his healing factor? if so when?

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The Dark Angel saga you read, came before he lost his healing factor. 
Deadpool didn't lose his healing factor till issue 25 of Uncanny X-force which came out the same time he lost his healing factor in the Dead arc in his own ongoing. Whoever told you he lost his healing factor before he joined x-force was wrong or lied.

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