One of the movies that will never, EVER happen!

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Lets face it, we want to see the movie, but Ryan Reynolds know the movie'll be taking long so he's like "I'll just go get involved in a bunch of other movies. It won't slow down production at all!" Of course, dumb Reynolds doesn't know how long all these crappy movies take to film.

So, do you think the Deadpool movie will happen? And, fans of Deadpool, I'm one of you,s o dont go saying "why does he hate Deadpool?" I love Deadpool but the movie's most likely never gonna happen. And please have realistic opinions, not just "he's so awesome so its gotta happen" or "I like him so it WILL happen!"

And definitely don't get mad at me for saying this, guys. Its just what I think about the movie.

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I think it will happen (maybe my hope is blinding me) but I know it's going to take longer than whatever date they say until either Reynolds commits to getting it made or they grab some other actor to take the role. I'd be okay with that so long as he's someone who understands Deadpool and knows how to bring his character to life. Honestly Reynolds seems like too much of a pretty boy to pull off Deadpool's build to me.

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Bruce Campbell would have been perfect for it 10-20 years ago IMO.

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I want it to happen, but a lot of The DeadPool hype has died down, and Ryan Ryenalds is to busy. I think it'll eventually pitter out...

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If only they could get rid of Reynolds. Reynolds is NOT Deadpool. I never thought of him ever being Deadpool. EVER.

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if happens i really doubt is going to be like the comicverse deadpool probably going to be like the wolverine origins deadpool

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@GR2Blackout said:

If only they could get rid of Reynolds. Reynolds is NOT Deadpool. I never thought of him ever being Deadpool. EVER.

I agree, there was a Deadpool comic that mentioned him looking like Ryan Reynolds mixed with a sharpe or something.....or Ryan Reynolds confessed love for the character, I don't remember what came first. Either way, there is nothing special about him as to why he HAS to be Deadpool. Just get someone else
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@GR2Blackout: I saw some horrible comedy romance with Ryan Reynolds recently and the whole time I was thinking "that guy? He's playing Deadpool? Really?" but some actors surprise me. I was impressed with Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker. It's still hard to believe after seeing his old movies that he could pull that off. I'd be willing to give RR another chance, I think it depends a lot on the director and writers, because honestly they do make a big impact. Having a good actor doesn't mean sh*t if you don't give them some freedom to do the character justice.

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I don't think Ryan Reynolds would be bad as Deadpool. As long as they can make his face scabby/scarred/meatball-esque enough. Wade Wilson was beautiful and in my personal opinion, Reynolds is pretty damn beautiful too.

Reynolds has confessed his love for the Deadpool comics and there's nothing better than an actor who actually gets the character they're portraying. Although Wolverine Origins has been written off in my book, Ryan's Wade was quite nice. He had the whole strong, smartass type pinned. If they kept that and actually created Deadpool afterwards I think it would be perfect.

As far as Ryan's body type is concerned, he might have to become slightly more ripped, but his frame in general is pretty perfect. Deadpool isn't unrealistically huge or anything, so I think it wouldn't be too hard to accomplish.

Have faith (: After the Deadpool video game is released, I'm sure the movie will be more in demand.

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i just want agood deadpool movie funny, dark, breaking fourth wall and a good movie. i vote for sean william scott from american pie movies. if not ryan reynolds.

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@HarlequinKiss: Heath had made Brockeback Mountain and an Australian movie i belive was called Candy, where he show he was an super amazing actor, Monsters Ball and some other movies too, with Ryan the main problem is that he isnt solid good, Heath was solid good, he and Joseph Gordon Levitt had this amazing thing that people underrate them for ages just for the fact they start on Sitcoms and Romatic Comedies(Heath was part of an Australian Show and JGL was part of the Third Rock from the Sun), then both made the movie 10 things i hate about you.

Ryan is a nice actor, but so far i havent seen anything of hims that make me belive he is that amazing, he so much fun, i give him that but many times he fails to the point he isnt that solid, so he as Deadpool could be really good or really bad.

Also, we never saw him as a more serious Deadpool, since pretty much a Deadpool movie isnt going to be a comedy, we still dont know how would Ryan would do it.

The good point, is that Ryan start on Sitcoms and romantics comedies too, he is also underrated as they where and like them he worked his ass hard and show how much he wished things.

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I've heard that they will make a movie about Deadpool soon. The problem was that MARVEL is owned by Disney and they thought Deadpool wasn't an appropriate hero to make a movie out of. But now they are saying that they will. Honostly I do not know for sure and my info may be wrong but I really hope they do make a movie about him.

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You speak blasphemy, sir! Wade, get him! He speaks against the Reynolds-ing!

Thanks, Deadpool.

On topic, with Deadpool's popularity spike winding down, you're possibly right. I hope against it, but I admit the possibility. That is all.

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@GennTankian: This is Fox not Disney, Fox own the rights of Deadpool and the X Men movie universe, also Disney isnt as kid friendly as people belive.

So if Fox do the movie there is nothing Disney coul do to stop them, if they don want to get sue by Fox, also it could make a bad relationship with Fox and that would mean no Wolverine in the Avengers movie, Disney knows a Wolverine cameo would made the movies win more money.

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i want it to happen but i dout it will

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