Old Man Wilson?

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So I was finished Old Man Logan, and I LOVED it! It was awesome, everything I wanted, well, Wanted to be but with a post apocalyptic edge. Also, kudos to Miller for not being violent or shocking for the sake of violence and shock.

But as I'm reading I can't help but wish for more of it. I knew it was only 8 issues long and I really wanted to see more of this world fleshed out, I wanted to see America liberated and a new age of heroes rushed in. As great as it was, I wanted more. And I thought about who would be the best pick. You can guess who I came up with.

Deadpool would be perfect for this type of story. Considering he's practically immortal "Old Man" might not be very fitting but he seems like the type of guy who would survive an uprising of super villains. On top of that if Miller went a bit more fast and loose with the violence it wouldn't seem too out of place with Deadpool being a mercenary and all. Plus someone always wants someone else dead so it's not like Wadey would be out of business anytime soon. SO what do you think? Would Deadpool make a good sequel to Old Man Logan?

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yes absolutely !!! i think so as well My friends and I thought of this i while back too... we came up with Deadman Wade but yours works too. He would fit very well into it perhaps teaming up with Logan rather that opposing him would be the right way to go with his character. Logan needs an ally since Clint is dead sadly.

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@Man of Lengend said:

yes absolutely !!! i think so as well My friends and I thought of this i while back too... we came up with Deadman Wade

OMG you are Warren Ellis ?

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It would be interesting, if done in the same gritty style and not just as some joke.

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I'm pretty sure that at one point Millar said he was working on a sequel but that was like years ago so who knows what's going on with it

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Heck yes!! Old Man Logan was the first thing I read with Wolverine that I actually liked, so seeing more of that world would be great! And we all know Wade could survive, after all he spent 1,000 years locked in a freezer and came out no worse(but certainly no better) for it.

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I think it could be good.

I liked Wade in 5 rounin and I think it is always nice to see the characters in a different perspective, if done right.

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I agree that would be a great story idea!!! It'd be great if by that point he was more in the lines of Deathstroke with still some Spider-Manesque wise cracks, that would give him a characterization to work towards, so hopefully they would start to write him as headed towards that path of a badass Merc with a Mouth.

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If it was done and taken seriously, as Old Man Logan was, it would be really interesting! They could make a really cool series. My opinions, Deadpools dying out, being over published. The humor of Deadpool is getting dried out. Not gonna lie, I love the Merc with a Mouth to death, but he needs something new to liven things up and this would be perfect!

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Anyone ever see a movie call body parts? In it a serial killer's body is donated to people in need of body parts, (one guy gets the legs another guy gets his arms), and those who got the parts are slowly possed buy the serial killer. What I am thinking is Wade cutting off his limbs and giving it to members of his own gang. As they get infected with Wade's dna there will be those who outright reject it the process and will die from it. Those who do survive could become apart of the gang as crazed, half immortal, outlaws or raiders. And if they take to the healing factors then Wade will have companions who will have a longer lifespan than normal people, giving him the family he could never have.

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Hmmm that story seems a little out there but definitely very unique and new. And that's just what the book needs, interesting idea evodmasters!!! I wouldn't be against seeing something like that. It would be nice if Wade had a constant "family" or core cast of characters. Maybe introduce them in the main book and then move their stories to a quarterly Deadpool Family book or something?

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It would be cool to see a sad senile hardly there Deadpool only make sense when he's killing baddies in that world.

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I'm throwing money at the screen, but nothing's happening.

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