Of where do I start ?!? (aside of the beginning)

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Well I saw a funny video about a team-up of Deadpool and Rorschach (yeah a totally madness) and It was so funny, that start to wonder about read his comic books but.... I don't know what I have to read fist.

Some help?

PD: I'm not a big Marvel fan (not even a middle), know some things about characters not about history arcs or that kind of things so please be as simple as it can be possible about histories

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If you are looking for Deadpool's funny side, start here: http://www.comicvine.com/deadpool/49-22955/?page=3

If you would rather follow his most obscure and badass style, try some of his oldschool comics: http://www.comicvine.com/deadpool/49-6000/?page=4

But whatever you do, don't come near here: http://www.comicvine.com/cable-deadpool/49-18070/?page=3

Only a very few issues are worth your time on this last link.

If you would rather read some of his short series just msg me or reply your own topic. We can work something out. LOL.

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@LightBright I have to disagree with you. Cable and Deadpool was the character’s real downfall. He’s just a secondary character of his own team-up comic. Absurd!

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@ranvage: Are you kidding me? Cable and Deadpool was way better than the current crap that Daniel Way is giving us? It indeed is and always will be a team-up book featuring two characters, which means Deadpool can't always get the spotlight, but he certainly was no secondary character. Besides it is not his own team-book, it's both Cable and Deadpool's. Deadpool already had his own team-book with Deadpool: Team-Up.

Daniel Way's Deadpool however is a real downfall. No character development at all has happened since the book started, and we're at issue 48 already. This book is simply one gimmick-filled story after another all glued together with the most ridiculous explanations.

I'd suggest Deadpool Classic ( by Joe Kelly ) and Cable & Deadpool. The Merc with a Mouth series was okay as well, but stay away from Deadpool Corps, that stuff sucked. I'd also advise against Daniel Way's recent Deadpool series ( started in 2008 ).

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Good day @ShirEPanjshir. I respect your oppinion, but let's reflect upon the facts.

Well. Cable was the godlike, all powerful Messiah and Deadpool was nothing more than his sidekick. FACT!

Deadpool got his ass-kicked by every shitty tertiary character, only for Cable to come and rescue him. FACT!

It wasn’t a Deadpool Comic, but it wasn’t a Cable comic as well. Nevertheless, Nathan was ALWAYS on the spotlight. FACT!

Well you may like it or not, but that’s up to your opinion. We all have different kinds of taste, but the fact was the whole team-up was focused on Cable, no surprise Wade wasn’t part of any crossover, even the one they bring Cable back from the dead.

I am not a big fan of Daniel Way's Deadpool portrait as well. As you said on other topic, he was funny for the first issues, but is getting very tiresome the way he structures the whole thing.

Still, when he writes he focus on the Merc’s insane and funny side and many of Wade’s new fans prefer it. That’s why I told our friend to check the 2008 issues, because if he is using a Deadpool and Rorschach team-up as reference, certainly he is looking forward for a comical approach.

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Cable and Deadpool was awesome.
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@ranvage said:

Still, when he writes he focus on the Merc’s insane and funny side and many of Wade’s new fans prefer it. That’s why I told our friend to check the 2008 issues, because if he is using a Deadpool and Rorschach team-up as reference, certainly he is looking forward for a comical approach.

You certainly have a point there.

I also agree that Cable did get to play Messiah and did indeed receive the spotlight more than Deadpool considering the story driven elements. But I still feel like Deadpool did receive his fair share of panels in the comics. Also remember that Cable was gone for the last ten or so issues in the series. It was all Deadpool there. But anyway, the main reason I like Cable & Deadpool way more than the current series, is because I love the dynamic between Deadpool & Cable. On top of that, the actions and reactions that Deadpool had in that series, were more true to character than what's happening in the current ongoing.

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If any comic was a total success or failure this forums would be pointless.

We both have our views and we both have our reasons to support it.

It's all good in the hood.

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@charlespdk said:

this ^ agreed 100%

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For me I would say pick up Uncanny X-FORCE, that is the best current representation of the real Deadpool imo. That plus it is probably in the top 3 best books Marvel has out there right now (Daredevil and Amazing Spider-Man also). Other than that you have to go way back, pick up Deadpool Classic vol. 1 & 2 for sure. I have hopes for the current Evil Deadpool arc and the Deadpool Max 2, but I have a feeling I may end up disappointed.

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@MetropolisKid41 While reading Deadpool Max try keeping in mind that it’s featured in a alternative reality.

Forget everything you know about the Marvel universe and you will find the experience rather enjoyable.

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Yeah I know I picked up the first volume and it was alright, not as great as Punisher MAX was, but definitely not bad, not nearly as bad as some of the other Deadpool titles we got during the Deadpool craze.

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Yeah, Deadpool MAX started out all d$%^ and fart jokes and then got really good. I love the female Taskmaster. I would love to see someone do that costume in real life.

All Deadpool books are mixed bags. Original Deadpool has some awesome storyline like the Mithras and some crappy like the Mercy Sisters. Cable & Deadpool is worth checking out for the opening couple pages alone, plus Deadpool's encounter with an alternate Mister Sinister and Deadpool kicking some ass during Civil War until Cable ruins the fun. But it features some terrible artists and did seem to start the Deadpool-as-punching-bag trope. The current Deadpool run has the Skrull, Thunderbolt and Bullseye arcs but then devolves into Hit-Monkey, Macho Gomez and the space stuff. Way also seems to have a problem delivering a solid climax to storylines(See Captain America/Dr. Bong arc and the Las Vegas/Weasel arc). Occasionally Deadpool seems badass like when he played Norman Osborn, owned Bullseye and took a Captain America headbutt without even flinching before throwing down. At other times, he seems like an incompetent combatant who only manages because of his healing factor. Merc with a Mouth is a lot of fun but the story seems to be stretching in the last few issues to fill the pages. But it's still a good ride.

Oh, and to echo everyone else, Deadpool is awesome in Uncanny X-force. I just wish there was more of him.

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