NYCC 2012: Deadpool Video Game Update

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You might remember during San Diego Comic-Con, Deadpool invaded the Marvel Video Games panel and announced his upcoming game. Apparently he was at NYCC as well. He brought along a video highlight reel of his exploits at SDCC.

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He also provided a Q & A about Domino in the game.


Developer Q&A with High Moon StudiosDEADPOOL!

  • Deadpool, why did you choose to include Domino in your video game?
    • Dude, no brainer, man. Have you seen pictures of her? She is smokin’ hot. And if that wasn’t enough (it totally is) she also knows how to handle a gun which turns me on. She has a soft spot for pancakes in large volumes, loves blowing things up, knows my GUY <BLEEP> (sorry, spoilers!) AND she owes me a date. (there’s the important part) So this is kinda like that: a date. I figure her Mutant power will help her ‘get lucky’ with me. (we see what you did there) Cross your fingers for a happy ending! Did we mention that she is stupid hot?
  • Is Deadpool’s version of Domino different than how she is shown in the comics?
    • Why would you take a work of art like Domino and mess with her? She’s got that lucky feeling that a person wants to be a part of. Get us some of that! So my minions at High Moon modeled her sweet body into the game just the way Deadpool (that’s me) likes it. The fans will appreciate High Moon’s careful attention to (her bewbs) detail and clear love of the Marvel comic universe when they see her in game. It’s called craftsmanship!
  • How does Domino fit into the storyline? What are her motivations?
    • Whoa hey spoiler alert! How about this: You give us 60 bucks and then we’ll give you the answer. The ride is awesome, but the price of admission must be paid, you dig? It’s been easy leading the guys at High Moon to create my game with an epic story and fill it with loads of other Marvel hotties to battle with. (and against. and kiss) Once we have your cashola then the exploration of this totally new and totally kick-ass game story crafted by me can begin! (don’t forget Marvel author Daniel Way) Oh yeah. Him. Right. So it’s a co-lab. That’s short for collaboration!
  • Deadpool, what excites you about having Domino in your game?
    • (bewbs) What? (be honest) Did you people read the answer to my first question? Sheesh. This is all for her. Neena deserves this shot at the big time. She works hard! (not as hard as ME) My game is gonna be HUGE and it will be perfect for her to skyrocket to the ‘A-list’. Then she will owe me another date and we can get to second base, baby! (let’s steal second and go to third) There was that one time Domino tied me to a bed. THAT excites me! She said it was for my own good and so the X-Men wouldn’t look bad. But we know what she was really after. (let’s do that again, soon) Guess her powers weren’t working that day. So yeah, what excites me about having Domino in my game? Totally bewbs.
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Looks pretty sick, i cant wait

#2 Posted by guttridgeb (4881 posts) - - Show Bio

This is going to be awesome

#3 Edited by Stormbox (2053 posts) - - Show Bio

Sounds fun

#4 Posted by Azmuth (8 posts) - - Show Bio

I hope Cable's in this.

#5 Posted by BlueLantern1995 (3208 posts) - - Show Bio

That was one funny read...

#6 Posted by 18batman (36 posts) - - Show Bio

that whole video was funny. "are you waldo" "yes" "I F***ing found him"

#7 Posted by Gonzo33 (124 posts) - - Show Bio

I wish this was coming out this year :(

#8 Posted by deadpool25mm (690 posts) - - Show Bio

LoL cant wait !!

#9 Posted by Lvenger (23567 posts) - - Show Bio

That video was full of so much win.

#10 Posted by Elfaki (8 posts) - - Show Bio

Hahahaha! This is the best promotion of a videio game ever! 

#11 Posted by Samimista (21807 posts) - - Show Bio

Lol! And this is why I love Deadpool. xD

#12 Posted by neiliusprime (280 posts) - - Show Bio

the intro to the panel at NYCC is so awesome, it has the dancing Deadpool from youtube!

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@18batman said:

that whole video was funny. "are you waldo" "yes" "I F***ing found him"

hahaha this

#14 Posted by ryu_talkative_batman (150 posts) - - Show Bio

Is that Ben Stiller as Deadpool in that highlight video reel?

#15 Posted by 18batman (36 posts) - - Show Bio

@jurrysnow: funny right? ;)

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Do you know how to spell boobs tony,

Wade shot waldo

#17 Posted by deadpoolrules (4818 posts) - - Show Bio

Nice :D

#18 Posted by hyenascar (200 posts) - - Show Bio

Domino and Deadpool in one game. It's like the 12 year old me made the game of my dreams.

#19 Posted by FoxxFireArt (3617 posts) - - Show Bio

Dammit, Domino will be i the DEADPOOL game. I may have to pay this now.

#20 Posted by Dots (7 posts) - - Show Bio

That video gave me a weird boner...

#21 Posted by Sageclawz (40 posts) - - Show Bio

Jay, Silent Bob, Deadpool. YES!!!!!!!! PUT BLUNTMAN AND CHRONIC IN THE GAME

#22 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow, Domino AND Deadpool in a game...I may be forking over cash now...oh and "Shoot that guy! Shoot that guy! Shoot that guy!" part of the whole video lol

#23 Posted by clemj (849 posts) - - Show Bio

if they put one more awsome thing like this, Imma steal the game

#24 Posted by VZA (260 posts) - - Show Bio

Dudes, you have to see this video I captured during SDCC with this guy. It's funny...

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they gave away that cable or wolverine will be in the game.

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Should be an FPS how awesome would that be, I mean c'mon man

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