New Team UP Book the Next Deadpool and Cable?

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I was wondering if there could be a new duo comic series that could rival the Deadpool and Cable series. The new team I am proposing is Taskmaster and Deapool. If that seems odd to you take a second chance to think about before you completely dismiss it. They are both mercs so they have had similar lives throughout their careers. Their occupation being the same could lead to them working on the same job like in Dark Reign when Deadpool and Taskmaster fought the Thunderbolts.

That was not their first time teaming up because in the old days they teamed up alot.

For crying out loud they have such a large history together that they even were enemies with each other multiple times. They are essentially the same type of character only one is insane. In fact because Deadpool has no more healing factor another huge similarity is the fact that they are both just men against a world of supers.

Deadpool #55

Enough with similarities their differences will really help the series come together. Deadpool the crazy irresponsible one will constantly be at odds with Taskmaster as he is more serious and less erratic. This team will still be effective despite how different they are. Now the only thing that has to happen is for a clever way to force them to team up because I personally believe they are friends at least a little but I think you need a better reason than that. Hopefully it wont involve a mixing of blood and forced teleportation cause that has already been done.


This team just makes so much sense to me. Any one agree or disagree? Please share your thoughts.

Deadpool #36

I can picture it can you?

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First to comment for obvious reasons.

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Give them there own team book for Marvel Now.

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It might be interesting... I'd read it.

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@CrimsonCake said:

Give them there own team book for Marvel Now.

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I know with the right writer it could be awesome I would love to see it happen

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i'd like to see it for sure, my only problem is that Taskmaster isnt 'a man against a world of supers'. his ability to reproduce moves isn't natural, its a super human ability. on the other hand id love to see a globe spanning merc duo book

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