Level of Deadpool's Healing Factor

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#51 Posted by wolverine1610 (250 posts) - - Show Bio

Evil deadpool came into being when pieces of his body came together (that includes pieces of his brain) so i guess he'd just grow a new one after a while, also he's incapable of death since thanos cursed him to not die (some curse right?)

#52 Posted by The Lobster (1528 posts) - - Show Bio


yes, i know which instance (you reffered to two)



" @theaceofknaves:
because Spider-Man and Daredevil put his head back together. he didnt heal a new head. (and the ray gun shot out his eye, this was in the issue before). if his limbs get removed and his are not touching, or there isnt attached bone, they have to be reattached for him to heal and continue. you havent noticed that everytime a limb gets severed he holds it on and reattaches it, and usually needs to brace it.
no, your not lying, your just leaving what happened afterwords out of the story

afterwords Spiderman and Daredevil put his dismembered head back together, and he healed up in a bed.

he cannot grow another head. this is known about..christ why am i explaning this for the third time.

yes, quit making stuff up.

Technically they never say that Daredevil and Spider-man put his head back together. So the only thing left is to assume that it grew back. Cause otherwise, it'd just be making stuff up.

#53 Posted by CubanSheep (2 posts) - - Show Bio

hey quick question, a friend brought this up to me and i couldn't answer. so what if deadpool got thrown into a volcano? since he cant die because of thanos would his "soul" just be stuck trying to regenerate his body back in the lava but cant since the lava keeps breaking down his cells or does he have some ability to stop that?

Deadpool Corp (can't remember the specific issue) had the big villain of that part of the arc say that even throwing Deadpool into a star would only keep him out of their hair but not kill him. Take that as you will.

#54 Posted by Bigbadwolfx0 (351 posts) - - Show Bio

I was thinking about this he has had his brain completely blown out of his brain grew back so what would happen if his head were chopped of would his head grow a new body or would the body grow a new head, I would think the body because of the organs and such. Also what if he were cut in two vertically would only one half grow back or would both , lol I can see him almost cut in two vertically and growing another head and third arm like that hot dog ads and wade segueing with himself or eating while killing people.

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