Is the current Deadpool comic any good?

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Hello, I just started reading Deadpool comics and I'm really enjoying it. So I was wondering if getting a subscription to the current run would be worth it?

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I would say so, yes.

For one Gerry and Brian are writing a deeply disturbed anti-hero. A man who is trying to do good, but has one to many demons in his head in order to do that. Their entire run so far has been about Deadpool trying to be a hero, not for the fame, or the glory, but because he wants to feel wanted. He wants to be a member of the superhero community, but the problem is that no other superhero even wants to look at him, much less acknowledge his existence. That's some great stuff.

Plus we have some hints that Gerry and Brian are going to dig deeper into Deadpool's past, which is great. It's about time we get a look into Deadpool's past with some actual hardcore undeniable facts and not just what Deadpool thinks his past was, or his past through the eyes of someone else. I've been waiting a long time for that.

As for the humor, well humor is subjective. Some people find things funny, others don't. So you'd have to see for yourself......I personally love the humor and I usually laugh at least once per issue. But even if the humor isn't funny, you can at least say that it's a well-written series. (Which is more than I can say for Daniel Way's poopy series).

So yes, If you're interested in Deadpool or like him as a character, start picking it up.

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Alright, Ill definitely subscribe then.

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It's good again. Not as good as during the old days, but let's just take what we can get. But be sure to skip out the first part of the story arc with the dead presidents. That was painfully bad.

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I've thoroughly enjoyed the issues that I've read from the current Deadpool series. I'd highly recommend it for Deadpool comic book fans.

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Yes. I like the current DP series!

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@chibio said:

It's good again. Not as good as during the old days, but let's just take what we can get. But be sure to skip out the first part of the story arc with the dead presidents. That was painfully bad.

Yes, and No.....The Dead Presidents arc was indeed a little longer than it should have been and yeah I could say that it was skippable.

....But.....the final two issue were really good and even though the arc is over, the ramifications of it are still being dealt with in many ways. Michael is still kinda looked down upon by Ben and Deadpool as the source of many of their problems, and the whole demon arc happens because Vetis got parole for giving Michael the power to cause such a catastrophe.

That's what I like about these writers, you can tell they've planned miles ahead and by doing so you can see hints to things that may or may not be brought up later.

I mean, it's so far two arcs into the series and we still have all these unanswered questions....

1) What did Dr. Strange whisper to Deadpool?

2) Who was the lady he saw when he died?

3) What's with the organ harvesters?

4) How are they going to get Preston out of her predicament?

5) Is Deadpool going to get his revenge on Agent Gorman?

These guys have plenty of loose-ends to tie-up (many of which introduced in the Dead Presidents Arc), and I for one can't wait to see what they do with them.

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