Is evil deadpool necessary?

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As you know the next upcoming issue of deadpool. There will be a "evil Deadpool" which is Deadpool's body parts stitched together and kills anything that moves. But is this really necessary? I hope this is that last story arc for Joe Kelly or any Deadpool for a while. And with this evil deadpool, it just doesn't seem interesting at all

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Having an "evil Deadpool" seems so redundant that it'd be redundant to say it's redundant. And yet I did. 

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No it's not necessary. But how often does Daniel Way actually write anything that's not totally useless? Most of the latest arcs have been completely useless and going nowhere. From gimmick to gimmick. I really miss arcs like the one with Bullseye, back when Daniel Way actually seemed to give a crap about what he's writing.

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Let's not be too hasty. Give the guy a chance, let's see how the arc develops before we come to any conclusions, maybe he'll surpirse us. Nevertheless, at first glance, it doesn't please me that much as well.

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Yeah. All we can do is hope that this time Evil Deadpool might be something more than a simple gimmick, though it does feel like nothing more than a cheap gimmick, especially with all of the Deadpool versions we've been showered with so far ( see Deadpool Corps etc. )...

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I think it is as long as hes weaker than a good version thats more powerful.

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anything that has to do with Deadpool is unnecessary
thats how I troll

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i just picked up lots of deadpool comics and they seemed distastlefull boring at times unsatisfying and not planned well im ditching it and getting deadpool max

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Evil Deadpool in Deadpool's body? Sounds too much like a rehash of "Hellvarine".

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Deadpool is in need of a bigger enemy list. Characters are partially defined by their enemies and Deadpool only has a few of his own which are either dead or have drifted into obscurity:

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@ShirEPanjshir said:

Yeah. All we can do is hope that this time Evil Deadpool might be something more than a simple gimmick, though it does feel like nothing more than a cheap gimmick, especially with all of the Deadpool versions we've been showered with so far ( see Deadpool Corps etc. )...

The Deadpool Corps are all in my head.

We already know that I'm beyond nuts. So, rather than assume I'm meeting selves from an alternate universe, let's assume the far more likely option that I'm cracked up even more than usual; either slipping into full-blown schizophrenia (hallucinations, voices in my head) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personae). All the Corps, save myself, fit into stratified "flat" stereotypes; the chick, the mascot, the kid, etc.). This is often the case with most alternate personas of those with DID. I might go through his own brand of reintegration therapy... if so, it will be very weird. And terrifying.

And in a random talking

In the Movie - Deadpool will have three clones of Gwen Stacy, or any other hot chick. To @#%& him.

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I'm not sure how I feel about Composite Deadpool, if he is just a bunch of parts that were sewn together, then why would he have Deadpool's skills. He should be learning how to walk and speak English, not naturally being able to kill, maim, and destroy from his inception. Maybe if someone implanted basic life functions, studied Deadpool's move set, and implanted that into it's mind, but if not all they should have is an immortal brain dead mouth breather that they have to wipe and change daily.

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Well i'm interested in reading it today. Let's see how it goes.

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No matter how many assumptions we make. It is needed to read the comic first before we jump to any conclusions and before we can make a more detailed reflection on the content.

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Nope. But Deadpool stories haven't been necessary in a really long time.
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Just read Deadpool #46 and what's up with this guy? I was under the impression that when DP threw out the parts all together in a single sack (after being frozen) that they came together to form a new DP via healing factor. But, there's stitching? Evil Deadpool did emerge from the same alley that he was thrown away into, so....what do you think?

Also, after meeting Evil DP, what do you guys think of him? I'm not sure I found him very intimidating.

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i read the evil deadpool comic and its not bad it really pleased me cant wait for the next issue

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Disagree. I didn’t like Evil Deadpool or the way things are being handled. It didn’t seem original or anyhow different.

The only good point about this issue is the character physiological development. They are starting to pursue Wade as a real hero, using the smugglers as an example of the merc’s heroism.

I hope they finally put him as a real hero or just go back to the oldschool badass Deadpool. I can’t cope anymore with the “Let’s be a hero. Let’s go back being a bloody mercenary.” Thing. It happened four or three times throughout Deadpool’s arcs and storyline. It’s time to choose a side and be done with it.

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The evil version needs to be completely identical to the normal DP except he needs a reverse personality and an evil mustache. That's the only true way you could ever make an evil counterpart work.

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@Dracade102 said:

The evil version needs to be completely identical to the normal DP except he needs a reverse personality and an evil mustache. That's the only true way you could ever make an evil counterpart work.

Deadpool dont have any hair, so no evil mustache for Badpool.

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Well I liked the evil Deadpool plot and am excited about the next issue.

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It's not the worst arc. Much better then the last few.

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Well, I can't see much meaning with Evil Deadpool at all.

The only way for it to be meaningful is to prepare Wade to assume, once for all, his role as a hero.

As it was said before, it is time to give the Character some focus, some objectives.

Stop all the fooling around and give the guy some goals.

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Is anything Daniel Way does necessary?  
I'm including breathing in this, that guy is just a waste of air. 

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Posing a question asking whether something is necessary by why of logical analysis in a series that featured the main character becoming a pirate, wearing a suit made of beef, and had a flying talking zombie head in it seems a little....never mind, I'm feeling just as redundant to bring it up.

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@FadeToBlackBolt said:

Is anything Daniel Way does necessary? I'm including breathing in this, that guy is just a waste of air.

Haterade Waypoolberry Flavor

It gives you energy to hate, its hatergy for the nerds who needs to hate it gives you nerdergy.

Haterade give you hatergy and nerdergy!!!!!

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Deadpool should be a villain..more like that mastermind who always cracks a joke or two against the heroes

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@creyzi4zb12: He was a villain.

But throughout Kelly's writing he assumed a role of semi-hero, semi-merc, tormented by his past and with unkown future.

It worked pretty well for a while, but some of the new writers couldn't keep up with the level previously established by Kelly.

Even if they could, it got boring, still we see Deadpool struggling to realize if he is a hero or simple merc.

I'm sorry for repeating myself, but that's exactly why I want for him to be a hero or a Mercenary 100%.

We all know time in comics are very flexible, but it's been over a decade and I just thing it's about time to get it over with.

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@creyzi4zb12: Nah. He should be written as he is written in X-Force. I swear to God, give Remender the Deadpool title ( instead of Way ) and Deadpool would probably instantaneously become of the best titles out there.

Anyway, I stand by my point: is Evil Deadpool necessary? Frak no. But, I admit, this arc so far has been one of Way's better ones... While Uncanny X-Force still kicks the crap out of Way's title.

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@ShirEPanjshir: Do you really think it's one of his better arcs?

I don't think it is amusing at all. Actually, I'm hoping for a better explanation of how evil Deadpool came to be.

Maybe I'm putting my expectations to high, but I belive this arc so far have been nothing but a cliche.

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@ranvage: Daniel Way's run has been nothing more than a cliché. That's why I have problems with it, his series has no character-development and isn't plot-driven at all. It's just one gimmick after another, all tied together due to the most surreal and idiotic explanations. He doesn't know where he's going, he just says: "Hey wouldn't it be entirely awesome to fill a pool with pancakes?" and then develops a story so this 'concept' can fit in it.

But sometimes some arcs can be a bit entertaining, for example I liked the Hulk arc, even though it is a huge cliché and has been done before at least a couple of times. This arc, in essence is exactly the same. Deadpool wants to die, he can't, he fights an equally unbeatable/unkillable foe that tries to kill him, but fails. But it does have some entertainment value and a few good moments. The previous arc didn't offer a real story and little entertainment value.

Honestly the last arc I actually appreciated story-wise and entertainment-wise was the arc with Bullseye. That was some decent Deadpool story-telling.

And I know that I'm ranting, but I really believe that they should have someone like Joe Kelly, Fabian Nicieza or Remender writing Deadpool from now on. Because Daniel Way clearly isn't going anywhere with his series.

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Man just imagine if Remender had the book how awesome it could be, take his portrayal of Deadpool from Uncanny X-FORCE and then give Deadpool the Venom treatment. If you aren't reading the Venom series you're missing out. Damn that book is good! I guess I'm not familiar with too much of Way's stuff off the top of my head besides his current Deadpool run, but based on that alone he is not a good writer. Maybe thats unfair for me to judge his whole body of work off of this one title but shit his run on Deadpool and lack of characterization has been turdtacular. No plot at all, pretty much a bunch of slap stick stand alone issues that are loosely tied together by these supposed "story arcs" where nothing happens or is resolved. But I guess Loeb gets judged the same way by his crappy books in the last 3-4 years by people who haven't read his gems like Superman for All Seasons, Batman Hush, and is runs on X-Force vol 1 and Cable in the early to mid 90s. Maybe Way has some gems out there that I'm forgetting. But this book is in need of a makeover, they really need a new writer who coming in has some clear cut goals and directions he wants to take Deadpool in that establish some sort of characterization and clear cut defining moments for Deadpool so that we can get past this "goofball with a gun" stage and return him to more of a "merc with a mouth."

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What could be a talk about Deadpool without Haters of Way.

Jeesch somtimes i feel people feel more hate for Way that love for Deadpool.

#34 Posted by MetropolisKid41 (523 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm not hating for Way, just stating that he has done absolutely 0 for Deadpool as a character and for development. If you feel otherwise I'm more than willing to hear you out, but can you tell me what he has done with Deadpool in his run as far as characterization and development goes? Off the top of my head I can't think of one significant moment for Deadpool since Way has handled the book.

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@ShirEPanjshir: I actually liked the X-men arc. I thought it was nice how Deadpool worked out the differences between the X-men and the midia. How he sacrificed himself just for the good of his "fellow mutants", as he often says.

But I just can't find the entertainment value and the good moments you commmented upon, not in this arc, anyway. But that's a matter of taste, so it's normal to have different approaches within one's work.

@MetropolisKid41: You know friend, you said something right there. It's not that Way is a bad writer. I mean, he works at the top comic company ever to exist, so he must have done something good to get there. It's just he is not good at writing Deadpool. and that's why he needs to change his style, or else Marvel should change the writer.

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@ranvage: Exactly. Well said!

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Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Deadpool as a character as much as the next guy. However, I don't think his solo series is really necessary. I think Deadpool is best left to cameo appearances in other books to add a little comic relief to the situation. Such as his random appearance in the future during the Messiah Wars. All in all, I just can't stomach an entire book dedicated to his lunatic ways, but I still have a soft spot for the 'Merc with a mouth.'

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NO he is not :)

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@Mayo88m: Hey friend, it's normal for you to feel that way. But it's all consequence of Way's way of writing.

He writes deadpool so he is nothing more than a punchline. If you read Wade's older series, you'll see the character has much more depth than we see now days.

That's one of the main reasons why we, Deadpool fans, talk so much about it. We want some of the previous glamour back.

So your concept is quite accurate. Deadpool have become much more of a back-up character than a main character, even in his own series.

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