Is Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe worth reading?

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I've heard different things about this comic and since I'm a HUGE Deadpool fan I was thinking about picking it up. Thoughts?

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I really enjoyed it, all Deadpool fans should check it out. It really is a darker Deadpool who kicks a**

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yes .. yes it is loved it

#5 Posted by LipstickZombie (101 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll have to pick it up then!

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I thought it was great. I really dislike most Marvel characters and to see them slaughtered by Deadpool was something special.

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Well I only read the first issue and I wasn't really thrilled with it but I'm going to give it a chance again someday.

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I picked up and read the whole series, but to be honest it just wasn't my piece of cake. I like deadpool more when he is humorous. hes just too serious.

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I like my Deadpool when he's taken seriously by the writer, Joe Kelly, Gail Simone, and Rick Remender take writing Deadpool seriously. They know he's a character, not just with flaws but with good qualities too. Cullen Bunn took writing Deadpool seriously, and for that alone I will recommend Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe, it has it's flaws...mainly that being that some if not most of the heavy hitters are just kinda swept over and killed off-panel. Kinda like "Oh by the way Deadpool has killed Doctor Doom, Black Panther, Galatcus, The Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider, and Doctor Strange between issues 1 and 2....but don't worry we have him fight Thor and Hulk in this issue." 
For a full review you can check out here but be warned there are one of two spoilers.

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@Bogey said:

I thought it was great. I really dislike most Marvel characters and to see them slaughtered by Deadpool was something special.

This comment express exactly how I feel about it.The end was epic


#11 Posted by daredevilfan777 (34 posts) - - Show Bio would be interesting to see how he'd pull it off.

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If anyone who likes Deadpool is curious if they should buy this comic about Deadpool, they should. This comic features a lot of Deadpool.

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All comics are worth reading. You'll learn just as much from one that's bad as one that's good. The lesser ones merely serve to highlight the brilliance of the great ones. I personally enjoyed it though ^_^

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@The Lobster : Sounds cool! And yes, it is much more enjoyable when he is taken seriously. A lot of people think he is just a crazy mercenary, but he is a really deep character who is very hard to write for.

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Read it some bits were great some weren't but overall its a good deadpool read .

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No, unless you are a Deadpool fanboy, then you will like it.

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