Is Deadpool for me?

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Hi guys,

Recently I've dug out my comic collevtion and started rereading some of them and I would really like to get back into comics. Problem is lots have changed and I'm trying to decide which ones to dive into. My collection is mostly assorted Spider-man and Daredevil comics, however, the most complete and probably the favorite part of my collection is the 90's Venom run. As most of your probably know its a collection of mini series starting Venom team-ups for the most part. What I liked about the 90's Venom is that they weren't taken overly serious, they were just fun. Completely off the wall, random and campy. I mean he kills to save the innocent, eats chocolate to sedate his bloodthirt, skateboards to make money, loves to sing and is just plain funny. I tried the new venom(Danial Way I believe, the anime-y one) and it wasn't for me. Haven't read any Flash Thompson Venom yet....

Annnywayss.... now that you have a rough idea what I'm into what I want to ask is Deadpool for me? I'm gonna be honest I've never read a Deapool comic but from what I've heard he has some of the qualities that made me love 90's Venom. I've kinda looked into it but I'd really like to know what the experts think. Is Deapool a simislar anti-hero? What runs would you suggest? Are his 90's comics awesome? What old one should I collect? What new ones should I jump into? And anything else you think I should know. Or possibly another character that would have the same elements I enjoy.

Thanks in advance guys!

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Try Kidpool! Deadpool is cool! Deadpool Corps is good, with different variations of Deadpool, Kidpool is the child version, do a wiki search and investigate!

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no... not deadpool corps...

the new venom wasnt written by way, but current deadpool is. however, if you didn't like venom then current deadpool probably isnt for you. it's not all that campy, and lately it's gotten pretty serious. if you want to try and go for the 90's deadpool then ya go for it. but you'll want to look for specific ones. more specifically i think joe kelly's run is close to what you're looking for. so ya, try finding some things from joe kelly's run on deadpool. you may like that

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Yeah, campy's a good way to put it! That kinda describes 90's Venom and I loved every minute of it. So Joe Kelly's Deapool, but not so much the current Deadpool? I'll have to look for that.

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I think Deadpool would be a great hero for you. He's camp, ridiculous, funny and mad as a box of frogs.

I'd look out for the late 90s Joe Kelly stuff, Daniel Ways stuff is also good. The drawing in both is pretty phenomenal.

Deadpool Team-Ups (launched a couple of years back) is probably a good one to get into as well because it'll let you get to know/ re-read old Marvel characters before you commit to any of them.

I would be weary of Deadpool Corps and in my opinion Deadpool & Cable is also to be avoided. For me, Deadpool works better in comic books and graphics by himself.

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Yeah Deadpool Corps looked a little..... out of my comfort zone. haha

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C'mon Deadpool and Cable was awesome you should definatly give that a look and if you like more violence with your Deadpool check out Deadpool Max a little different from the mainstream but still pretty good.

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When it comes to Deadpool, the only good thing out right now is Uncanny X-force.
Give that series a try. I only liked two of the characters on that team going in, but the writing is so good that I've fallen in love with the whole team. Great series, give it a try. 
If you're willing to pick up Joe Kelly's Deadpool stuff, then I'd recommend that as well seeing as how he pretty much wrote the book on how Deadpool is supposed to be written. Cable and Deadpool was a good series too, but the continuity issues never sat right with me. That's just me personally though.

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