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How many people jumped for joy when they read this interview with comic book resources?

I did, and one thing in particular stood out, this......

I imagine there's going to be quite a bit of fun and humor as well, especially now that Agent Preston is trapped inside Deadpool. What can you tell us about the new dynamic between these two?

Duggan: She's got some things to deal with and so does he. There are some privacy issues. [Laughs]

Posehn:Plus there are different places inside Deadpool's mind.

Duggan: Right, there are places in people's mind that they might go to when their mind wanders, and Preston might be in a position to explore those things. So I think we're going to learn some things about Deadpool that maybe people didn't know. That will all come to a head in the following arc.

Posehn: Some of the most fun for me is Preston is now forced to be the co-pilot or back seat driver to Deadpool's insanity and try to keep him on mission. In the first story she was with him much of the time, saw how he did things, and was constantly questioning if he thought about any of his actions before he did them.

This is great, not only did Brian and Gerry give an explanation behind the voices in his head. But they're actually making them useful. Preston exploring Deadpool's mind and finding memories that he has repressed is a brilliant idea. It's also a great way to explain Deadpool's past with more authenticity. Seeing what Deadpool has done or what his home-life was like, through the eyes of Preston is awesome. A great way to use the voices to add some character development.

Also I get the feeling that they're trying to mesh both the Deadpool or old with the Deadpool of new. This Deadpool isn't crazy, like Joe Kelly's Deadpool. But He still hears voices in his head like Daniel Way's version. I Kinda like that. Trying to get the best of both worlds.

What do you guys think about this? Is this a welcome change to Deadpool?

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