How old is Deadpool chronologically(estimates)

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How old is DP. Idk much about his comics, but I remember Deadpool being atleast 21 in X-Men Origins,when the team was in Africa. And if i can recall that was Vietnam War which would be 60s which would make him 50-60. But idk since movie aren't canon, I only know that he was somehow involved in the Weapon X program.

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In that movie, he'd be about 25-30. In the Comic he'd be about 30-35

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in cable and deadpool's atory arc "why, when i was your age" in the bar deadpool and cable both hint theyre in the mid to late 30's

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People often go on about how there's a sliding time scale in the Marvel Universe so things are always ambiguous but have a general range imposed on some character ages. SPider-man is late 20s early 30s and in comics time has been Spider-man for around 10-15 years. Frank before the new book was up there, but then rebooted with the Blood stone, but in the recent 616 books he was "quietly" retconned to have been fighting in the Gulf war. I always saw deadpool as being in his late 30s and to push it early 40s. Thinking about all the time with Weapon X it would make sense for him to be a bit older, though he got a great start as a merc as a youth, though with all the continuity shifts, it's hard to say.

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I'd say mid 30's since a lot of his jokes revolve around pop culture of the early 90's and late 80's . Most of his jokes sound like they were actually written by the ppl who made 'I Love The 90's . His personality reminds me a lot of ppl I grew up with, minus the mercenary work and imortality stuff.

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late 30's

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