How good is Deadpool's healing factor?

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@Serena_Death said:

@The Lobster : Is that a durability feat or a healing factor feat? Either way it's impressive lol.

Not sure, probably a combination of both.
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Based on one of DP's bios, weapon x used wolverine's healing factor to cure DP of his cancer.. in doing so, the cancer somehow merged with the healing factor, which is one of the explanations as to why deadpools skin looks flayed. That's why he heals so quickly, because his healing factor is cancerous in a sense. As for who's healing factor is better? When it comes down to it, deadpool's healing factor far exceeds logan's WHILE logan has adamantium fused to his bones.. this is because having that much metal in any normal person's body would kill them due to the body rejecting it and killing itself by trying to fight what it perceives as a foreign invader... so wolverine's healing factor is constantly healing his own immune system while he has adamantium bones. However, without the adamantium infused to logan's bones, deadpool's healing factor is only a bit better than logan's again due to the cancerous nature of it.

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@the_lobster_: he also survive another nuclear attack to impress two girls.

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@Edamame said:

@WhoDunnit101: Twas Nitro. Not a nuke. ; )

Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth issue 4, 5,or of those three (too lazy to actually check). AIM drops a nuke on Deadpool and a zombie T-Rex and Deadpool survives only to say.....

His healing is so good that his costume survives largely intact from direct nuclear impacts!

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