how can u kill deadpool

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@DarcStorm said:
" To truly KILL Deadpool, you'd have to tape a conversation of him talkin' about how he's over Death. Then take the tape over to Thanos, and show him it so he would lift the curse. Come back to Deadpool, and chop his head off. Then take the head with you to the Atlantic Ocean, and chuck it away.Goodbye Deadpool...forever. "
Honestly, Thanos doesn't quite seem like the 'forgiving' type. I don't think Deadpool would be off the hook by saying that he doesn't love Death anymore ( even if this were to be true ). But your core point is still valid, to kill Deadpool, you would have to destroy the curse that Thanos put on him. So either kill Thanos, or lift the curse somehow without killing him.
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Ahhh...murder to murder, the greatest sensation.

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Poke him mercilessly with a piece of driftwood.

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bury him in concrete


Dead pool: @#%$ you spystreak your not doing that to me again! you fat jerk. you do that and I'll take your taco chips you don't deserve something so delicious as a taco anyway.

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Tell him that his next team up is with the members of Jersey Shore and he will do it himself.

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Realistically something like a volcano or a vat of acid should work... 

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I think mostly the reason why people are annoyed with Deadpool is that he has so much side comics, Deadpool max, Deadpool Corps etc. I personally realy like him i find him quite charming :D

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simple! you need to get a demon to take his soul so there's nothing to challenge thanos for deaths love after deadpool dies, then you have to incinerate the body. it has been shown before that reducing him to a single hand is enough to kill him (if thanos hadn't intervened) so just do that again while deadpools souless and hes a dead man.

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@arcanineryu2: This.
Thanos is smarter than that. He would have gotten Hela, Mephisto, or Pluto to take his soul after he killed him.
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You can't kill him!! It's impossible:P

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Hmmm i am not int Marvel so i anwser so how i allways do is someone is tough but not state immortall, cut off every limb but them in 6 different rockets and launch into sun,  
but still there are some cases that exclude like Alucard with Schrodinger power or even normall Alucard becasue he is immortal or any other guy that is immortal, not guys like wolverin that ahve super fast regeneration i mean completlly immortal, so is deadpool immortal or not?(His look doesn t suggest that but still i ask)
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Totally immortal, even if you destroyed every cell in his body. He'd just magically get a new body. He currently cannot die under any circumstance Not sure if he ages, but I really doubt that he does. His healing factor is way beyond Wolverine's and Wolvie barely ages.
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@The_Peter_Cosmic: If Living Tribunal wanted him dead not even Death herself could stop it. simply put he can destroy anyone he feels like in the Marvel universe because he's technically Death's boss there 
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@joshmightbe: Or The One Above All, but those characters can do literally anything. Other than a character equal to God showing up, Deadpool is truly immortal. 
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I would cut his entire body off. Let's see him try to regrow that from nothing.

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eat him.

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or Thanos could remove his curse (for those who don't know Thanos basically made him immortal to keep him away from Death)

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Your best bet would be to freeze him and hide his body somewhere where it will stay frozen and no one will find it.

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Take his heart out

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drop him off in another universe where a different death reigns and then lock him in a person sized atom smasher 

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Put him in an oven and bake him.

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Slice him up atom by atom. Mission accomplished.
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It's funny how many reactions people give to this topic that shows they really don't know much about Deadpool.
As it has been said multiple times before in this topic: You can't just physically kill Deadpool, he's cursed by Thanos and simply can't die. As long as the curse is active, Deadpool will simply survive everything that gets thrown at him, no matter how extreme or absurd. You'd have to get rid of the curse first. So either you'll have to convince Thanos to lift it, which won't happen, or you'll have to kill Thanos and probably that would also lift the curse. But good luck at trying to kill Thanos. Now of course someone were to succeed at lifting the curse by Thanos, than they should be able to damage Deadpool's body beyond his healing factor's repair.

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Turn time back and kill him as an infant.

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@Spidertheking said:
Throw him in a Volcano or the sun see if he can get out then.

OMG someone do it i wanna know what would happen...Lavapool 
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If I were to kill him, I'd send him into the sun. He'll keep burning and regenerating and all,but he won't find a way out. Or just send the Sentry after him

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he'll live on in the hearts of millons an there petitons an protests to get him back
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Step 1: Start by basting your Deadpool in gasoline and let it sit over night
Step 2: Put a couple grenades in his pockets
Step 3: Pre-Heat Oven to 500
Step 4: Place your Deadpool in the oven and wait till golden brown.
Step 5: After you hear the "timer" go off remove your Deadpool
Step 6: Wait for your Deadpool to cool
Step 7: Add A1 Steak Sauce snd begin chopping your Deadpool into bite sized pieces
Step 8: Share your Deadpool with the many fine woodland creatures.
Step 9: Enjoy...
So far that hasn't worked yet though..still trying to perfect my recipe.

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-cut his head off and destroy it 
-throw him into the sun or a volcano, or something really really hot that consumes his entire body 
-somehow remove his healing factor 
-insult his cooking skills 

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Anyone with atomic control can do it. 
So can the Ultimate Nullifer.
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@Jeronimo said:
Anyone with atomic control can do it.  So can the Ultimate Nullifer.
The guy is immortal to the point those thing cant harm him, you need to change reallity to kill him.
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he cant die simple. BUT his healing factor is probably similar to lobo's in that even if there is one cell or drop of blood left he can regenerate i entirety. unfortunately the only way to keep him out of continuity would be to lock him in abox and hide it somewhere. perhaps..."The box"?

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You kill him with kindness

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Molecule Man could kill Deadpool since he could also kill Thanos on a mere whim. Fortunately for the Marvel Universe he has only accessed his full power a couple times, and then it was to help humanity not harm it. Most of the time he holds himself back to probably less than 1% of his true power because he is really a good guy deep inside.

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Who ever ends up with the serum that nullifies the healing factor.

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He CANNOT die. Period.

#88 Posted by majestic99 (8915 posts) - - Show Bio

@arentol said:

Molecule Man could kill Deadpool since he could also kill Thanos on a mere whim. Fortunately for the Marvel Universe he has only accessed his full power a couple times, and then it was to help humanity not harm it. Most of the time he holds himself back to probably less than 1% of his true power because he is really a good guy deep inside.

Death>>>>Molecule Man

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@inferiorego said:

easy: you stop writing him into Marvel comic books. Poof! Dead.


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Deprive him of his chimichangas.

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@CrimsonCake said:

Deprive him of his chimichangas.

Impossible, Deadpool has filled his never ending pockets with chimichangas.

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@Spidertheking said:

Throw him in a Volcano or the sun see if he can get out then.
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Deadpool has immortality which gives him the inability to die

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Spiderman can wrap him up in web and lock him in a titanium vault, and drop that vault into a lake of wet cement, and wait for the cement to dry. It won't really kill Deadpool, but it will basically nullify him.

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First, I guess Thanos needs to lift the curse. Then even without the curse he is hard to kill since he has arguably the best healing factor in the Marvel U. You can try incinerating him until there is not a molecule left of him. But I'm not really sure.

Also someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I heard in an interview with one of the authors for marvel comics (don't remember the name) that even if you did manage to cut off his head, a new body will grow from the new head. I'm a bit hazy on the details, and a link would be nice if any one knows what I'm talking about.

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stop buying his comics...never mention his name....he'll die.

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deadpool can't really'd have to throw him into the sun or on another planet. he probably wouldnt die in the sun, but i dont think he could get out of it.

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Galactus could kill him just cause he's that OP

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@Masterblack06 said:

Galactus could kill him just cause he's that OP

He cant

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I always assumed he would die if he dived into a volcano.

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