How about a Deathstroke cameo in a Deadpool comic (or movie)?

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It would be interesting if there is a scene where Deadpool walks into a bar and meets Deathstroke and starts to have conversation. Maybe something like this:

Deadpool:Bad day huh?
Deathstroke:Yeah, a parody of me is getting a movie, Arnie has franchise which he doesn't have to act in. What's nesx? A marinal merc by the name of Backstroke?
Deadpool:They made a movie about me but FOX couldn't contact me so they got Baraka to act in it. Bad day huh?
Deadpool:Yeah, MK, hey if you need a partner, here's my card, Wade Wilson.
Deathstroke:Are we related?
Deadpool:Guess so. Ask Liefield.
Deathstroke:Who's that?
Deadpool:He works for Marvel and you're from DC.
Deadpool: You know I've got to go. Somebody might mistake us for each other from this crossover.

Wade walks away.
Baraka-Pool enters, sits next to Deathstroke and orders a beer.
Changes to different scene.

Only if Marvel could get the rights, This would be awesome. I've been wanting to see a Deadpool/Deathstroke crossover despite Deadpool not wanting it.

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When Wade met Slade:


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I would love for Slade to make a cameo in a Deadpool movie.  I don't even think DC would mind.

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That would be funny

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Abnormally Warm Guy said:
When Wade met Slade:   [more]

are you Wade in this?
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Another funny thing is that if they actually had a fake trailer for Deathstroke in the middle film or beginning. OSmething like what Grindhouse did with fake trailers. I hope DC won't mind if Marvel actually wanted to do something like this. I'm sure it could boost some sales for Deathstroke too and probably with that they might get a Deathstroke spin off.

DC, please let Marvel give Deathstroke in a cameo in Deadpool. :)

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@Emperor Gonzo Noir:
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They already kinda met once in Superman/Batman

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