Good introduction for Deadpool?

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I've never read anything Deadpool related. I have a friend who is a HUGE Deadpool fanatic, and I've heard a lot about the character that sounds pretty fascinating. So could anyone suggest what would be a good title/series to introduce myself to the character and story, just so I can get a feel for him and see if I dig it? Sorry if there's already a thread like this...didn't see one. Thanks.
PS: I'm not looking where to START with Deadpool...just what would be a good title to introduce myself and see if I like it at all...I don't know if that really makes sense...but yeah >.>

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@Yumulu: Wow...I'm stupid. New to the site and forums...didn't even realize there WAS a search function >.>...
But thank you, I'll check those threads.
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I would say deadpool vol.1 secret invasion 
its current so you get good taste of modern DP 
it shows  you how the end of the invasion ended
And best of all in the back there is a whole comic telling you every thing you need to know about DP.
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@Power_Plug: Sounds interesting and like it's just what I need. I'll look it up, thanks man.
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Everything you need to know is in the original run of Deadpool which in my opinion happens to be the best.

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I recommend reading a bit about deadpool on the site and start reading the current run starting at the Hulk arc Issue #37... The deadpool current run is getting really good right now and I would jump on

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@Sky_Jokiel: If by good you mean sightly better then the God awful issues that came before it...
go buy all the Deadpool classic collections :)
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@Pacperson: Hey hey now even though Way is a terrible writer and has produced so many continuously poor issues of Deadpool that he should have been fired, there is no denying that the Hulk arc was (a quick read & already done before yes I know) but never the less it was a fun run and a serious incline in terms of good Deadpool writing. What I found  a lot of Way's writing is that the art was never good enough, yes it was okay most the time, but it never did justice to Deadpool and this could be because of the awful story but still Dazo is an awesome oldschool artist and he brought the arc and Deadpool to where he should be crazy and funny. As for the last issue it was well written introducing a new (Harley Quinn-ish) character and showing Deadpool's human side in a insane asylum, something that is new and has great potential (plus the art was wicked). I'm not a fan of Way at all but I hope if he keeps writing Deadpool that he takes him somewhere good. 
Also Deadpool Classic collections are sweet same with X-Men Origins Deadpool and  Wade Wilson's War
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Hhmmmm.... Yeah, I guess if your are going to read the newest stuff by Way only read up to volume 3, if you want to stay current with deadpool then just read uncanny x force. 
but the problem with the classics is the fact that deadpool is not written the way he use to be 

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