Funniest Deadpool line?

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Deadpool has classic lines, but his recent one from this week's Uncanny Xforce is one of his best!

There was a discussion between Wolverine and Ultimaton about going to otherworld to follow Fantomex.

Ultimaton: "Otherworld is the source of magic. A dimension outside of dimensions. Its denizens guard the intersection between all realities."

Deadpool: "Magic land, eh? Well, I'm a 16th level ranger in advanced dungeons and dragons. Chaotic neutral. Saving throws o'plenty."


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Need I say more?

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Good one, I think he had one about an std in the Dark Angel saga that I liked

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@0blivion_ said:
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Haven't read any of his books but in the wolverine vs hulk movie I was dying when he said "I'm pretty sure his last words were oh noooo sabertooth noooooo arghghghh!"

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smooth dp, real smooth

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Get Along little dog.

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Rock a bye baby BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pretty much everything he said from the original Joe Kelly run but if I had to choose i'd say "Sweet Mr.Belvedere On a Biscuit" can't remember the exact issue he said it in right now just know it was in the Arc with Francis.

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@Kairan1979: yes! I thought about going with this one first, glad someone else posted it

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This made me laugh the first time i saw it!

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"Im the ghost of Xmas KICK YOUR ASS!!"

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Duh! Paper or plastic? Hellooo? You have any idea what plastic bags do to the environment? I'm Al Gore's message of death, bee-yotch!

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Holy crying game fatman!

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Holy crying game fatman!

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how about

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