Favorite deadpool Villain

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#51 Posted by spystreak (2160 posts) - - Show Bio

even worse in canada Liberals are almost always electeted everything here is so pacifist like go ahead and kick us while were down we'll just turn the other cheek
#52 Posted by Dead_pool13 (2 posts) - - Show Bio

It is a draw between Punisher and Bulleye who should be more of a regular in the comics. Also, Rhino was a good enemy in the two issues and should become a main one as well. Perhaps put an evil powerful one such as Apocalypse as a regular hard enemy for DP and that would make it interesting for the issues. In all, Bullseye, Punisher, Apocalypse, and Rhino should be established main villains along with bringing into on some occasion Black Tom Cassidy, Typhoid Mary, Taskmaster, and T-Ray.

#53 Posted by chem86 (434 posts) - - Show Bio

@Jake Fury said:

Dr. Bong. (just felt like saying that)


#54 Posted by chem86 (434 posts) - - Show Bio

Not my favorite but, Deadpools worst enemy is the director of the xmen origins wolverine movie... lazer eyes, seriously?!

#55 Posted by NiKva (96 posts) - - Show Bio

Bea Arthur

#56 Posted by k4tzm4n (39541 posts) - - Show Bio
#57 Posted by Reignmaker (2366 posts) - - Show Bio

Zombie FDR. A rivalry is born!


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