Deadpool's "powers"

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How powerful is Deadpool?  His Healing factor is always changing and its kind of annoying me. Because I guess Death made it so he was immortal but if you seperate his head from his body a few miles away he should stay dead right???

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healing factoring is always those things that are never consistence, but he had his head severed before. I am not sure if even doing that would be any good in keeping him dead. I believe that the only real way to kill him is to complete disintegrate his entire body. the question I have is why do you want to kill deadpool what did he ever do to you? :) 

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@crazy8504: Nothing just fanboys bringing up his healing factor, its really confusing me and hoping some one who really reads him can help me out a little with him. lol
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@Comicfan47: I hear ya. I like to think I have read a lot of dead pool comics. His healing factor is supposed to be on par with wolverine since its wolverine ability weapon's X gave wade The reason hes is called deadpool is because there was a running pool bet in weapon x reject camp on which test on wades healing factor would kill him. thus the name deadpool that's also were he first met death and started his relationship with her. I remember during his last test before he broke out it was going to kill him and death was ready to take him, but he wasn't ready to go so he lived. I will have to read that one again to see what test they were running on him. During the cable & deadpool run his ability alter due to a couple of things which cause his healing ability to weaken like exposure to radiation in Antarctica, but then it was increase, because a scientist from weapon x help fix him with  some of the hulks blood. I also know that when he join a cult of blue people talking about unity he was almost completely liquified and his head was only left and had to fuse with cable to save them both. Also you touch on his relationship with death and how he doesn't have a heart technically. so to answer your question its up to interpretation i guess.
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@crazy8504: That practically answeres all of my questions thanks! 
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glad to help

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Thanos made it so he can't die because Thanos was jealous of his relationship with Death.

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