Deadpool's impact in the marvel universe

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First off do u think deadpool ever made an impact. if so what 
 I believe Deadpool made an impact by unknowingly helped Osborn win the secret invasion causing dark reign 

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eh...honestly at this point in time I have trouble rationalizing Deadpools existence at all...much less try to figure out if he ever did anything worthwhile. 
At the current moment in time....nothing occurs too me.

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The fact he was in a movie show his impact, also the fact he could get his movie show his impact, the guy show you could g from the z list to the a list.

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There was the Mithras thing where he saved everyone on Earth from becoming mindless drones. He did a lot in DP & Cable. He saved Banshee's life and Siryns.. He helped the X-men become heroes in the public's eyes again. There was this time he saved the northern hemisphere from an exploding crystal of some kind I think. Saved Angel's life in X-force. Just some stuff off the top of my head.

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Didnt he kill apoc?

#6 Posted by ShirEPanjshir (588 posts) - - Show Bio
@spiderbat87: Nope, Fantomex did. Any he actually didn't really 'kill' Apocalypse.
#7 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (33920 posts) - - Show Bio
@ShirEPanjshir said:
@spiderbat87: Nope, Fantomex did. Any he actually didn't really 'kill' Apocalypse.
my bad, not been keeping up with marvel these days 
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Made Thanos's existence look foolish.

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NOTHING AT ALL,  all he does actually is get money to marvel's pockets by humiliating himself 

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He has had little to no impact at all in years....which is a real shame....

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@Pacperson said:
He was had little to no impact at all in years....which is a real shame....

Not true. But some other heroes have had less impact than him.
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 What has he done in the years that has had any kind of impact on the Marvel U? Something that really matters.
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I wished he would have made a bigger impact than he did. It really were just the things he did in that Secret War and Dark Reign storyline. Maybe also in the Civil War together with Cable. Or wouldni't you agree?

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Deadpool is part punisher, part wolverine, and all crazy. 
He is not your typical anti-hero - because he's mentally unstable, it's interesting to see what he's responsible for qua human being and what he's not responsible for qua insane bastard.  Although a jerk sometimes, Deadpool has tried to become a hero in the past. 
Sadly he is written incredibly inconsistently - with Cable/DP, Necroshia X-force short, and Uncanny X-Force being his finest, and the other ongoing series being varying degrees of terrible. 
But most of all, Deadpool suggests that "Wolverine Clones" can stand on their own.  X23 and Daken both have ongoing series, and share significant aspects with Wolverine and Deadpool - they are killers of questionable morality with amped up healing factors. 
Maybe that's the lesson - introduce more ninja assassins with amped up healing factors... or maybe just amp up the healing factors on existing characters like Blade, Venom, Antivenom, Spiderman, etc.

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He detonated a 2 nuclear bombs on US soil, not a good thing but he definitely left an impact by popping the US's nuclear bomb cherry, (At least its non-scheduled nuclear bomb cherry.) 

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he helped in secret invasion, made a pass at death and worked (MAD SKILLS). just this for now.

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