Deadpool's Costumes

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Anyone notice how almost every artist that draws Deadpool always slightly change his costume? It just happened again in Deadpool #10, as seen in the previews.

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I's practically the same outfit, with changes of gears, weapons, pouches,etc.
But you are right, every artist has a slightly different costume for him, keeping the same "flavor" of red and black.

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They change the patterns, gloves, and boots too. Like Patrick Zircher, he made the patterns on his legs pointed instead of square and made the patches around his eyes small, or Reilly Brown whom changed the patterns on the chest and gave him black fingeless gloves (with plates that read "Deadpool", etc.

Even the new artist in Deadpool's current series, Paco Medina, he started Deadpool off in a replica of what Ed McGuiness drew, but now in issue #10 he has different chest patterns, black gloves, made the black on his arms go past his elbows, different gear, and who knows what else below the waist (since it was just a preview).

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Artists can do whatever they want as long as the higher ups let it pass.

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