Deadpool Vs...The Smurfs?

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How do u stay away from a thread titled DP vs Smurfs

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@G-Man said:
"I just stumbled across this at My [confined] Space:


LOL i've seen that before. xD
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poor Grandpa Smurf...

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Classic Deadpool pickiing on the weak Ha Ha Ha
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so gargamel finally hired a merc
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Ah,that image never gets old.

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I thought he'd just choke them until they turn blue...

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@G-Man: You know, some people call their grandfathers "Papa", that's what my nephews and niece call their my post still applies :D 
I watched the Smurfs back when I was a child but it was too early in my life for me to have remembered much of anything about it
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Wise Papa Smurf corrupted by his own power, he had to go
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Ha, I'd probably do the same thing.

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It's by ScarletVulture on deviantArt.  There's a couple more images just as hilarious as this.  
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Those stupid smurfs dorks, nerds, bastards, jerks,freaks,weirdos etc. deserves that for being so happy all the time and to be a kid show that is so for ages 1-4   and it's annoying for guys 15 or older like me it's only funny when they die!

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someone should post the other scarletvulture comics 
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Needs more Deadpool hilarity from ScarletVulture.

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Wonderful!! And look  how charmin' and hory Smurfette's lookin' on Deadpool before he started making kentucky fried out of Papa Smurf. She was definately having plans with the ol' merc...
"Deadpool, Deadpool, does whatever he's paid to doooo..."

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Of course Wade Wilson would take a magnafying glass to the poor people of smurf village. Oh well.
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The Vulture guys made me proud of being member of deviant.

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Die Smurfs DIE!! Next up to kill, are the Snorks!!

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