Deadpool Vs Sentry

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Now the only way I can see Wade having a chance is if he pretended to be the Void, knowing him dressing up in a black sheet and saying wooooo, all the while plugging a baffled Sentry with pianos, adamantium bullets, Anti-metal water balloons, small furry animals, sarin gas, vibranium shuriken and a particle beam

Sure the Void thing will unnerve Sentry for a while; who will eventually work out its not his bad side gone mental and punt Wade's head into orbit. I see it in the style of Deadpool Vs Wolverine in Origins. An unrelenting barrage of jokes & weapons until the penny drops.

What do you say?

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#3 Posted by batkevin74 (9723 posts) - - Show Bio

@D3athstroke: well at least he got to round 4 :)

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Well Sentry is dead, as I recall, so there ain't much of a fight there. LOL.

Still, if he was alive, he is far stronger than Deadpool. Nevertheless, Deadpool is immortal, so he could keep coming until he finds a way to beat Sentry.

Great fight, anything can happen.

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Deadpool is Immortal, without Bendisforce Sentry gets killed after he lost his power for the fact, Deadpool is more popular.

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