Deadpool VS Batman (LIVE ACTION)

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The title says it all!

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I'm not particularly happy with the ending....But seeing as how it was a popularity contest, I'm not surprised.

In terms of a budget, this is some pretty professional looking stuff. That Deadpool costume is box office movie type quality, the fighting and the direction is great, and the actors who played Deadpool weren't all that bad.

I'd give it a solid 8.5 out of 10.

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Yeah, I would have expected (wanted) Deadpool to win, but you can't have it all, especially not in a popularity context, just like you already mentioned it.

Come on Deadpool fans, where are thee?!

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@chibio said:

Yeah, I would have expected (wanted) Deadpool to win, but you can't have it all, especially not in a popularity context, just like you already mentioned it.

Come on Deadpool fans, where are thee?!

Obviously not on voting boards.

Can't wait for their next Super Powered Beat Down, Wolverine is going to tear into the Predator and it's going to be awesome.

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Batman explains he know Deadpool cant die.

For the same Batman will fight to the end and with everything he has.

That means explosives and thing like that.

People should stop overrating the powers and Batman.

Also i like more Captain America vs Batman video, the fight is better maybe to balls to the walls, but is a better made one.

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I know it was a popularity contest, but I didn't like the ending. Deadpool just kept gloating about how he can't die... as if Batman would had ever tried to kill him otherwise. Hell, the first thing Deadpool says after Batman tries to tranquilize him is that he can't die; BATMAN WASN'T TRYING TO KILL YOU, that was absolutely redundant. That isn't even in Deadpool's character either, he'd be cracking jokes and probably tell Batman that Joker is more like a crazy ex-girlfriend than an arch-nemesis.

The people arguing on Deadpool's behalf talk like they only know of Deadpool. As a fan I was not impressed by their asinine arguments. How about making a point about Deadpool's shear unpredictability and unorthodox fighting methods? About how skilled he is with strategies and tactics? Or how about his use of psychological warfare? Deadpool has shown himself to be quite the manipulator.

I'm not saying that Deadpool is better than Batman (in case there are any Batman fans reading this), I'm just saying that they could had done their homework.

Otherwise, that was awesome, and I hope to see Deadpool in another of their match-ups.

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I liked it and the vote was closer than I would have expected with how popular Batman is. I don't think Batman could have won if Deadpool didn't open his mouth about him not being able to die, but given that Deadpool did, the ending worked for me. Maybe he would have found a way to tie Deadpool up or something but again, I don't mind how it played out too much. Deadpool's interaction with Catwoman was also pretty funny.

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@deadpool: I agree with everything you said, my fellow soulmate!

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@deadpool: This is Bat in the Sun.

Terribly overrated for how their movies look like(Burtonization of everything and Arkhamization since Arkham game was made).

City of Scars are the main example, terribly slow paced, terribly generic and terribly boring plot.

It last 30 minutes, when it should lasted 10 minutes, just to show everybody how much they can do.

They have bigger budget that the rest of fan film makers and then they use this, saddly their writting isnt so great and they dont know how to to set a fight scene(Look that there are other 2 webshows like this with less budgets and better end results).

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:/ kind of super lame since deadpool almost never brings up the fact he can't die in a fight, his ability kind of speaks for itself, hell half the time thats not even on his mind in a fight because he WANTS to die and literately receives deaths wa-.... I mean cold embrace and sof.... I mean toothy kiss... but hey don't know if you've heard but she's a really good kisser @_@ kind of makes ya jealous he got a broad like that.

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