Deadpool Video Game Announced (+ Trailer)

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The official video game has been announced and the trailer has came out. It looks good, and I think it would capture Deadpool well. However, I am a bit worried that it is being published by Activision and by the trailer, the graphics are pretty low for a 2012 game. (and I'm not even a graphics troll)

Here ya' go!

Loading Video...

What do you think? I think it will be a good game, but from what I've seen from the trailer, they have a bit to fix before they should release it.

#2 Posted by AweSam (7517 posts) - - Show Bio

Here come the Deadpool fanboys.

#3 Posted by moywar700 (3013 posts) - - Show Bio

there are already 2 threads on this.

#4 Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek (20963 posts) - - Show Bio

@moywar700 said:

there are already 2 threads on this.

I know, but I would figure to make a thread about this on actual Deadpool forum. (which would make more sense. I'm just trying to spread the message)

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does anyone else not think this looks like duke nukem last game?? JUST SAYIN

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