Deadpool Pulp New Mini Series

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Techland has posted an interview with Mike Benson, where he talks about about his upcoming Deadpool Pulp Marvel Knights miniseries. The series is being co-written by Mike Benson and Adam Glass, with art by Laurence Campbell. It appears this series is the Deadpool Noir series Benson talked about previously. Along with the interview are five pages of preview art from the series.  
"We're retelling Wade Wilson's story, but in this case setting it in the '50s and re-imagining the character, not giving him superpowers. In our tale, Wade is an ex-prisoner of war, now a CIA spook, going after a double agent and ex-lover by the code name Outlaw, who is going after a nuclear briefcase with very bad intentions. We play with themes of the times, like communism and the fear of nuclear war, and even use historic figures like Meyer Lansky and Fidel Castro as characters in the book. The '50s was such a changing point for America, some would say it was the end of our innocence. This story shows we were never really that innocent.  Beneath the surface, we were not that much different than we are today, just better at hiding it."

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sigh great

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yea looking forward to this. nice that his new voices will actually be explained in this book.

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think it looks cool actually 
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Looks like Deadpool Noir

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I think it will be good, it will show a darker side of deadpool that we dont see.
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@xerox-kitty:  it is, they just renamed it pulp for some reason.
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Pulp Fiction?
Pulp magazines preceeded comics.

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@the ace of knaves:
What do you's mean by Noir?  what does noir mean?
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@Terran :  This image pretty much sums it up:
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oh.. ok
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I love the Noir books. I'll check out DP's for sure. 

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Wow, Deadpool actually looks like a ninja. The mask looks a little awkward now,perhaps I'll get used to it though; would had liked a mask that went with the costume better.
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This is so sexy. The Jae Lee cover art has me sold on the mask. 

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Kinda of reminds me of Iron Fist as well.  Should be interesting....
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Great. Another Deadpool series I can't afford.

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Why was this not called Deadpool Noir?

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It could make more sense to include it to Marvel Noir universe.

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