Deadpool Movie Villans

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There is a rumour that the Deadpool Movie will be coming out somewhere in 2014, who should be the the main villian in the movie, or should he verse heaps of villians? Whats ur thoughts...

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I don't think Deadpool could handle his own set of villains in his own universe (like previous superhero films). I would like to see cameo's from either the X-Men, Spider-Man or The Avengers and maybe a team up against a shared villain. I would like to see a Punisher VS Deadpool thing happen as well, but who knows. Deadpool's main villains are superheros.

#3 Posted by TDK_1997 (15254 posts) - - Show Bio

I can't see Wade's villains working well in the movieverse.

#4 Posted by dice2099 (6 posts) - - Show Bio

Well T-ray could possibly be done...They could possibly do him and bulls eye or hi and task master as enemies or as sort of partners or with deadpool it could be both... Or have it be a straight comedy and have him room mate and fight constricter and skeeter.....

or you could have him being hunted by AJAX first movie is always an origin story maybe they tell it in flash backs while AJAX is hunting him????I hope the movie has "Pool-o-Vision"

Weapon x chasing him down is also possible or alpha flight... NIGHTCRAWLER is right most of his villains are heroes.

Oh you could have him taking odd jobs and maybe having him just get zapped by mojo and be stuck in mojo world for most of the movie... then you can throw in all kinds of random stuff and actuly make it work if done right.

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