Deadpool Movie Update.

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Apparently, Deadpool is going to be playing with one of the figurines. I'm really hoping they make some smart ass remarks on his appearance in that movie. It wouldn't be Deadpool without it.

Also, it seems like people are trying to can the movie. Don't know how I feel about that exactly. On one hand, I feel the character had a massive rise about a year ago. On that rise, THAT'S when they should've started massively talking about the movie and the game. I feel the movie could still work, to be fair. Don't know why people are so against it.

It has the potentinal to be an amazing movie. As long we get a good DP costume, I think Renolds would end up being a great choice.

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If they remove the retractile blades and the laser beam from Deadpool, character should be fine.

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This just goes to show that FOX doesn't care about Deadpool and only green-lite the movie cause they made a promise to the Deadpool fans that if the Wolverine Origins movie was a box office success they'd make a Deadpool movie.

A promise they now are failing to keep.

I think I'm going to boycott all superhero movies made by FOX till they give us a Deadpool movie. The new Wolverine movie doesn't look that great anyway, and the X-men First Class sequel has way to many characters to focus on to be a good movie. I'll still watch a rental.

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@perethorn: I really do want to see him playing with an action figure that resembles the laser beam/clawed Barakapool from Origins. Making some witty comment about it.


I did enjoy X-Men First Class enough to see the sequel in theater, but I have no desire to check out The Wolverine. I like Wolverine, but I'm tired of them just making money off him. If that's the case, then just give the damn X-Men rights back to Marvel. I think that's what pisses me off with Fox.

They're not utilizing the X-Men, they're focusing on Wolverine. It's stupid, and it ruins the hopes of any other X-Men getting focused on.

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Look at the game, it sucked and people say its terrible.

You seriously want a Deadpool movie in a universe where Rocket Racoon can have his own movie too?

Is not to be mean, but i am happy he is not getting any movie, since Marvel is looking to share one universe, even if that means destroy time lines, that means Marvel will decide Deadpool destiny in some way, like the game and other things show, Mavel wants him being a compete hack idiot with zero skills and only as a joke.

@perethorn: I really do want to see him playing with an action figure that resembles the laser beam/clawed Barakapool from Origins. Making some witty comment about it.


I did enjoy X-Men First Class enough to see the sequel in theater, but I have no desire to check out The Wolverine. I like Wolverine, but I'm tired of them just making money off him. If that's the case, then just give the damn X-Men rights back to Marvel. I think that's what pisses me off with Fox.

They're not utilizing the X-Men, they're focusing on Wolverine. It's stupid, and it ruins the hopes of any other X-Men getting focused on.

Stop overrating Marvel Studios, Ironman they are only selling him, the Avengers was Tony Stark and friend, they are making the exact same thing.

They try to make Ironman 4, 5 and 6, even when he was going to be in the Avengers movies.

Also their movies arent even remotly that good, just because they did this one universe thing dont mean you should love all of them, people is terribly biased in their favor and biased against Fox,DC and anything that is not Marvel Studios, the sad cold truth without Fox making the X Men movies, Marvel would had never jump in and never would had made their movies.

Also, First Class was better that Captain America and Thor, terribly overated movies, people can compaint all they want about Nolan Batman films, but so far Marvel Studios films are more overrated that his movies, they should be really proud to be that damn overrated, so overrated that they make Nolan and JJ Abrams movies look underrated.

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@deathpoolthet1000: quit trolling bro. nobody is buying.

Is trolling to tell people stop being biased in Marvel favour?

That Marvel is using Ironman like Fox is using Wolverine.

That people is terribly biased and say Marvel Studios movies is so damn brilliant.

Or that Marvel loves Daniel Way Deadpool and thinks is the best Deadpool.

Here i was thinking saying Marvel is perfect was trolling.

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"Marvel is using Iron Man"

I'm so sick of this shit. That's hardly their intent. Everyone in The Avengers had equal screen time. The reason why Iron Man had the most movies is because his movie came out first.

There's a huge difference in the Fox and Marvel Studios comparison. As I said, there's how many Wolverine movies out? Two, right? Specifically for Wolverine.

X-Men 1 = Wolverine had the most screen time in it.

X-Men 2 = Wolverine had the most screen time in it.

X- Men 3 = Wolverine DEFINITELY had the most screen time.

With The Avengers, there was a perfect balance. Also, what makes those movies overrated? Please, tell me. All I see is one pointless rant that is going no where, and is filled of primarly your opinion if anything.

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Wolverine only had the most screen time in X2. X1 was completely balanced, and X3 had primarily Jean Grey.....

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@sideburnguru:Not going to attack Ironman 2 and 3, because those got attack by nerd very damn often, also there is no point in attacking Ironman 1 and The Incredible Hulk, because they got out before people got biased in Marvel favor.


Natalie Portman bad acting and a bad casting choice.

Great First Half, terribly boring second half that was a generic indy movie.

The romantic plot, it was pretty damn bad and Hemsworth and Portman are a worst screen couple that Christenssen and Portman.

Try to be multicultural, by giving a role tho the non white people, all non white people are nothing more that overrated extras.

Many wasted characters and actors, did you remmeber Kat Dennings, yes she was in this movie, thats how muchs they wasted actors.

Captain America:

Boring Action Scenes

Dumb Romantic plot.

Horrible Red Skull Make Up.

Bad CGI(Skinny guy is so bad it should be nominated for worst CGI of the decade)

Many good actors that were wasted.


First 30 minutes of the movie are terribly boring and slow

Action scenes that go no place

Totally wasted Jeremy Renner

Black Widow action scenes are obviously using an stunt woman, that is not the problem, the problem is how the film her, there is tricks to hide this.

Episode 1 ending

Ironman is again the mvp, he gets the best scenes and you can tell it.

Loki does The Joker interrogation scene.

Loki plan is to use the Hulk like The Joker used Harvey Dent.


Wolverine only had the most screen time in X2. X1 was completely balanced, and X3 had primarily Jean Grey.....

Thanks you dude, i am sick of this myth:

If Marvel Studios get the rights of all their character their movies would be perfects, all non Marvel studios Marvel character movies arent that great,.

First Class is the best example of this myth, Fox is using less famous actors and they build a more solid and balanced casting that Avengers.

Micheal Fassbender gets his amazingly great career thanks to this movie.

James McAvoy show again why he should be a bigger star and show how he could do any role you ask him, besides his screen charisma.

Jennifer Lawrence got mainstream recognition.

Nicholas Hoult career starts at this point, he was in several good movies, but is obvious this being the point it when he became a main star.

Kevin Bacon shows again he is the best american actor that has never won an Oscar, shows his charisma and that he born to do acting.

January Jones gets a name outside of Mad Men.

Marvel Studios is Marvel, how the used Wolverine?

They put him every place.

They made him a team member of every single team.

They put him in so many comic during so many months, they have to stop because people complaint about it.

He faces guy that could had destroy him adn was going toe to toe with them.

Movie industry is about making money, if Wolverine makes money, there is no way they will stop using him.

X Men is about Rouge, the sub plot is about Wolverine

X Men 2 is about Wolverine, the sub plot is about Jean Grey

X Men 3 is about Jean Grey, the sub plot is about Rouge

Rouge and Jean Grey had as much weight as Wolverine in the movies, the main problem is that Hugh Jackman was doing a better job and has more charisma, so it looks he got more screen time.

This happens too in the New Star Trek Films, where Spock is such a better actor that Kirk, that he destroy him in every scene are together and makes the movie look like if it was about Spock.

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@deathpoolthet1000: What the hell? You know, I was going to let that shit go when Wolverine defended the X-Men movies which could all revolve around X-Men fanboyism. All that shit you ranted about can't be let go. At all.

1. There's no point in attacking Iron Man 1 & 2, I don't know who "Nerd" is, but they were both damn accurate to the characters represented. Robert has probably down nailed the role better than most have. 2 was okay, but 1 was damn great.

2. Seriously? Are you shitting me? Portman has bad acting? This is where I should've discredited all your opinions if you thought she was bad but the woman playing Jean Grey was fine, but I guess we're going to let that one go.

3. "Generic indy movie." What's wrong champ, they tried to build up a character going to Earth without having him fight everything? Some development here and there? Yeah, I suppose that's boring. We should just have action scenes everywhere. Hey, The Expendables did that for ya, right? Marvel should do that.

4. "Trying to be multicutural." I'm not even going to amuse you with why that's bull shit.

5. So.. they got a good actor to play a side character. I don't see the point. Why is that bad? It wasn't wasting, it was her role.

6. As for Captain America, boring action scenes comes right down to your opinion that doesn't really hold any candle to the movie itself.

7. The dumb romantic plot was to add tension into different scenes, including the very important ending. To symbolify what he was losing when he "died".

8. The bad cgi was supposed to be an exaggeration on how small he was. I also don't think The Red Skull looked bad. He looked like the comic book counterpart.

9. Again, weren't wasted. That's a shit moot point with no backing up, but honestly with half the things you've thrown out, I'm kinda glad you didn't.

10. Yep, here we go with the boring thing. Like I said, I think Expendables is more your movie. It simples it down for people who can't take build up.

11. Action scenes that go no place? You know what, you're right. There was no gain in that huge helicarrier action scene, except to symbolify the team breaking, and the death of the person Nick Fury used. There was never a point in trying to save New York. Nor was there a point in Black Widow's escape. Every fight should be like the opening fight with Wolverine and Sabertooth in X-Men 1. Pointless. Silly. And absurd.

12. Can agree with Jeremy Renner, but as far as I know, no one else could tell the stunt actor that easily.

13. "Has the best scenes" Okay, Wolverine. You keep trying to defend them with all you can. It's not like you wouldn't be bias- oh wait.

Then you go on and rant about how X-Men First Class is such a great movie, and I wouldn't disagree with you. Infact, I think it's the only GOOD X-Men movie. Except for January Jones. Don't know why you think her getting popular is a good thing, since she can't act for shit.

To say X-Men 1 wasn't both about Rogue and Wolverine is bs. It stared them both equally. Infact, if anything they made Rogue a damsel in distress. That's always nice for a great character like her.

X-Men 2 is indeed about Wolverine, and Jean. I'm glad we established it's also about Wolverine. Just like X-Men 1.

X-Men 3 wasn't all about Wolverine, and look at all the terrible reviews and bad name the movie has. It showed apparently Fox can't do anything except for Wolverine.

Also, they don't have the same weight. Want me to highlight something? Wolverine starred in two movies now, which were supposed to be about the X-Men team. He shared the spot, but he was also used as the main character in both said movies. While, a character like Cyclops SHOULD be getting shown off more. How, they used Cyclops as a tool in First Class. That's always nie.

Now Wolverine also has two staring movies, after the one did horrible. Wolverine is put into a lot of the comics? I don't know. He doesn't sell well, what the hell are you talking about? View the comic sales for this month, and the last month. He barely makes it onto the top 50.

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@sideburnguru: The point you cant notice good actors can give bad performance is amzingly normal, but that dont change many good actors give bad peromances and may bad one end giving good ones.

You dont need to slow down your movie to get character development, the movie got terribly slow in the second half, is not the genre swift, was the fact they slow down the movie, it could still be a dynamic movie in the second hald

My bullshit?, they casted a great actor like Idris Elba and he was just there, i mean at least in Ghost Rider they let him do something, they casted an asian guy and his job was being there, Billie Dee Williams almost say no to Lando because he feel they were trying to do this, then he read the script and notice his character has a point, you cant take out those character and is still the same movie.

Casting people for the sake of casting is not a good idea, if you put a character in a movie, give him some type of role, even Boba Fett got a role, Jabba an others..

So we go with the Captain America, that dont change how you design them, they were design in the most simplistic way and were totally un effective at doing their job.

The romatic plot failed totally, it was half baked and pointless, you never saw any type of interaction or actual romance, it fails like the Episode 2 romance again, its like Spock/Uhura in Into The Darkness i dont see it enough to care and the little you see make you careless.

Its a movie, Loki dont look like he looks in the comics, things have to look more natural since you design thing to feel more natural, i mean that would had sense if Arnim Zola and the rest look like in the comic book, but he was a normal human, besides is never good that something looks like a mask, he is called Red Skull and he needs to look like a skull, not like a mask, his design in the comic is made under that idea, you feel he is using a mask.

The Exandables is not my thing, i dont like the first one, i am into asian and straight to dvd action scenes, who are better design, that dont change scenes like Batman vs The SWAT are examples of great desing in action scenes and you dont have to go balls to the walls to make them, this have more cgi and explosions an are more simplistic and boring.

No, there was no point in the whole they fight in the start of the movie and they leave Loki in the forest, besides they never notice Loki could run away and decide to stay in there, sure it looks cool, but goes no place, the movie would be the exact same movie without this scene.

Black Widow is in her back during several minutes, the hair is on her face and they used all the tricks they have, amazingly they failed to notice there is masks that stunt doubles use to look like the actors and dont have that problem, also CGI faces like Star Wars, also they cut the scene to give her the glamour shot and is obvious they did it.

Again is Marvel making the X Men about the X Men always and Wolverine is a small character and they dont over sell him?

Yes, they over use Wolverine, during a time he was every place.

Sure today is over, but during some type Wolverine was more omniscient that Batman.

Also they are using Hugh Jackman and Wolverine, like Marvel is using Robert Downey Jr. and Ironman, they have more natural charisma that the rest and they get to be the star

Wolverine/Hugh Jackman is more popular with the mainstream that Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Magneto, Gambit, Xavier and the rest, he will get movies because of that, because nerds are less that 5% of the box office, it makes no sense to make movies for the nerds.

Besides if he gest hiw own trilogy he would be in 6 movies as a character, not a cameo or anything like that, as much as Iron since Robert Downye Jr. say he was going to be Ironman only in the Avenger movies.

X Men 1 came out in 2000, he has being in 6 or 7 movies in the last 13 years.

Ironman 1 came out in 2008, he has being in 5 movies in the last 5 years.

Wolverine was in a movie every 2 years, Ironman was in a movie every year.

Numbers dont lie.

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@deathpoolthet1000: "They barely showed any interaction." Are you shitting me? You know, all I see is biased for X-Men towards you. And that's fine, it's rather adorable.

The romantic angle DID get the point across, and the actors worked. There was the bully, who did his point. The romantic interest showed Cap's character. It added into something for him to lose. There was the general who didn't accept, later on did. The evil sidekick to Red Skull. All the actors did their job, you're just randomly bitching now.

Loki looked like Loki, what the hell are you talking about? He had the stupid deer hat on. Red Skull looked like the comic version. Again, randomly bitching for some kind of argument against the movies. Some of the best hero movies we've had in a damn long time, but so far you're defending the X-Men movies? People like respectfully, are why we had half ass hero movies LIKE the X-MEN. We finally get good quality, then there's people like you to turn it away and rather accept the damn X-Men movies? What the hell. That's besides the point.

Oh god, don't even tell me you're going to start defending the Batman movies, then bitch about boring scenes. When The Dark Knight trilogy had it's DAMN BORING scenes. Some ENORMOUSLY boring scenes.

What the hell, people LIKED Gambit! Fox doesn't listen. Mainstream audience isn't comic book stupid as people make them. People like the side characters. Fox doesnt' get that. While Marvel is going to be releasing movies about Guardians Of The Galaxy, Antman, AND taking chances with minor characters, Fox features them here and there, and rather continue to focus on Wolverine. PEOPLE WANT to see Gambit, and Deadpool, and Cyclops. They've BEEN requesting it. Don't give me "Well, Fox only focuses on what's mainstream and what they want." Because I can name at least 20 people, who don't even read comics who would love to see a movie about one of those three. It's ridiculous. And as long as it's Fox, we won't get that chance. Instead, we can easily expect a The Wolverine 2, even though it CAME RIGHT AFTER X-MEN ORIGINS WOLVERINE. Which was ALREADY A SOLO MOVIE. It's past ridiculous, and Fox NEEDS to lose the rights because as long as it's up to them, the characters won't get any more main stream attention.

Also, what are you talking about?

The Iron Man character? Not talking Tony Stark. He made one short appearance in an Hulk movie, but if you're going to count that, it's past ridiculous. Actually, wasn't it in after credit scene with Hulk?

First Iron Man came out in 2008.

Second one in 2010.

Avengers in 2012.

Iron Man 3 in 2013.

Also, comparing them is another half ass argument coming from you, because there supposed to be in a phase. They're supposed to all lead up into The Avengers, and they were all already planned out.

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@perethorn: I really do want to see him playing with an action figure that resembles the laser beam/clawed Barakapool from Origins. Making some witty comment about it.


I did enjoy X-Men First Class enough to see the sequel in theater, but I have no desire to check out The Wolverine. I like Wolverine, but I'm tired of them just making money off him. If that's the case, then just give the damn X-Men rights back to Marvel. I think that's what pisses me off with Fox.

They're not utilizing the X-Men, they're focusing on Wolverine. It's stupid, and it ruins the hopes of any other X-Men getting focused on.

Well Wolverine is one of the most popular and marketable characters in the X-men universe, there's a reason he's the only marvel poster-boy not written by Stan Lee. Since FOX is only interested in money (Like every big business studio), of course they're going to use Wolverine as a selling point.

My problem with FOX is that when the Wolverine origins movie was leaked online a month before it was supposed to be released. The head-honchos at a studio promised that if it was a box-office success, they'd make a Deadpool spin-off (hence the end credits thing). So of course, the Deadpool fans actually paid money to go see that piece of junk in the theatre so we'd get a Deadpool movie. Now they're basically going back on their word. They're not living up to their end of the bargain, so I'm not going to support them and their movies anymore.

Although we now have talk of an X-Force movie, if they make one and Deadpool is on the team. I will gladly go back to supporting their movies with my wallet.

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"This past week or so, we’ve been “off camera,” chasing rumours that Fox are on the verge of announcing plans for their extended X-Men movie universe. We were tipped off that they will – unsurprisingly – be using their panel at Comic-Con as the launch pad."



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