Deadpool knows he is in a comic book.

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Deadpool is aware of the Marvel Status Quo is God / Negative Continuity issues and uses it to his advantage.

This is why he lives so far beyond his means: he knows that by next day/week/month/year/decade it won't matter.

He acts the way he acts, becuase he knows arvel will try a way to fix it, that he could fix thing or that for no reason, thing he did never happened.

That explain why he, Homer Simpson, The Joker and many other character act the way they act, the know they are in a "not real" and decide to play with those rules.

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yeah breaks the 4th wall, moving on.

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@ranvage: This need to be talked, i mean also thta is about if the guys is insane, what is actually a myth.

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Thanks for clearing that up

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