deadpool in the 1920's

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yesturday i bought deadpool pulp 1&2

I thought the drawing was ugly. but, the story was good. i had to ask what it was about because if i didn't. i would have no idea that it was suppose to be wade wilson in the 1920's. i would have been totally lost. i thought that wade being a ex- prisioner of war was kinda werid and cool. i thought that there was to much of him thinking and not enough action. but some of the things that he said was very interesting. i thought it was werid that they said that wade was insane. so is he kinda like the marvel joker? oh, got off topic... i think my favorite is when that fat guy is interviewing wade and he ask if he was wade wilson and wade said "which one" . which was saying that theres more than one. he has voices hin his head. which i guess kinda crazy. i also liked his costume.but, heres my qustion why was wade's face not all ugly?. there was no scraps or nothing...i lovec his costume...overall i liked it because it looked old.

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loved pulp 

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@EmilyMor1996: His face wasn't scarred because Deadpool Pulp is supposed to be set in a world were super powers don't exist. So he doesn't have a healing factor which means said healing factor isn't constantly healing which is why he's always scarred and also makes his brain cells die and regrow which also makes him insane. And as for being Marvel's Joker that title goes to Norman Osborn AKA Green Goblin, Deadpool is Marvel's funnier more interesting version of Deathstroke. I hope I answered your questions.

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