deadpool costume ideas?

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I just started my mission for my deadpool costume, this is what i was thinking i would love some feedback!

1.Mask i was gonna have custom done for like 40-50 dollars at a local tailor using spandex .
2. the body since there is no way i am wearing spandex haha, i was gonna buy a long red sleeve tee shirt and have the tailor just put the black inprint  on that dead pool has another 50.00 a custom made belt off of ebay for 50 dollars shipped put mag pouchs on the belt. tactical black pants. 30-40.00 red gloves and have the tailor put on deadpools logo 15.00
6.i have two ninja swords that are plastic.
7.use my airsoft m9 and leg holster .

please let me know if any one has any ideas to lower the cost or old costumes they would sell or anything.


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I have some old costumes I could sell. It's lycra (which is kinda like spandex).

check it out in action:

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@Abnormally Warm Guy: dude thats you-YOU ARE THE f*CKING MAN KEEP IT UP! i love your shows, and it would be a honor to have your costumes but im 6'2 about 210 so i dont feel to comy using lycra and did you get those costumes off ebay off some chinese guy?
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The costume might not fit you then. I'm 5'10'' and 185 so that's a little different.

Another option you could have is:

Get a tight black shirt put a red shirt on over it and cut it out into the design of Deadpool's costume. Red pants (with black details) and army boots.

If you want you could just purchase the mask off me.

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how much would you want for that and i have a big head i wear a 7 3/4 hat =( , would it fit and why would you want to sell it out of curiosity? also is that you in the vids?

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yes it is me.

It should fit you. It's really flexible. 50 bucks sounds good (plus a few bucks for shipping). We'd have to work out some ebay agreement or something.

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For the Wolverine movie, he should have had the full costume.

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i agree one hundred percent the wolverine movie was a joke >=), and if fifty bucks is how much im spending on it brand new and fit to my head thanks but no thanks 

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@deadpool33: okie dokie.
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@Abnormally Warm Guy: once again awsome vids when you coming out with new ones ?
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yeah we'll hopefully be done with the next episode's filming this weekend.

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let me know man im siked!

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@BioshadowTh: thanks but i found a custom tailor
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@Abnormally Warm Guy:  Oh my god i can't believe it's you!
the guy who does the deadpool movies on youtube! You're freakin' awesome!
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14 styles of awesome deadpool costume .

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