Deadpool costume help

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hi there im planning on putting a deadpool costume together and i am in desperate need of help(i am totally useless at this kind of this haha), iv currently got the actual suit sorted and ready to buy i just need help trying to sort my self out with the utility-belt/shoulder harnesses and swords(also attaching them to the shoulder harnesses) his belt buckle and also some good looking pistols and leg holsters

i unfortunately don't have huge amounts of money to spend im afraid maybe £60-£80? total (not including the suit of-course)

you will be loved forever and ever and ever if any of you can help me :3

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Ebay have some good holsters, utility belts and body armor etc, so you'd just need to find the belt buckle

but if you want realistic swords, guns etc, you'd need to be spending a lot more... but there are some out there that come with the back harness, it's just a case of searching online for them, maybe you could try some specialist replica sites like this one or something, but it depends on where you live because of tax and legality.

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im from the UK myself, but i don't know personally what the laws over here say about replica swords and guns(something i will to check now haha :D) but ebay sounds like a good idea for the belts and holsters, don't know what i didn't think of that before >.< haha, i may be-able to increase my funds that i can spend abit more depending on my next paycheck(recently went on nights at work thus scoring my higher pay whooo) :)

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to be safe i think im going to go with wooden sword, as not to upset the police or the security and the convention im going too (Euro Gamer) better to be safe than sorry :)

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