Deadpool Arrested in Canada

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Edmonton police arrested Deadpool at a downtown electronics shop Friday night.

Officers responded to a weapons call around 10 p.m. at the Future Shop on 109 Street and 104 Avenue.

Sgt. David Goodkey said they took one man into custody after he was found with several weapons.

“Looks like he is banishing [sic] a number of different weapons. What looked to be handguns and swords and stuff like that,” Sgt. Goodkey told CTV News.

“It looks like they are imitation weapons at this point and that is still under investigation,” he added.

Police said the manager of the store called them after the suspicious man came in minutes before closing time.

“Doesn’t sound like anything criminal happened inside the store,” Sgt. Goodkey explained, “The manager, just for the safety for the people inside, thought he should call the police.

“Given the time of day they didn’t know what exactly to expect so they gave us a call.

“This guy came in right at close and that’s usually suspicious,” Sgt. Goodkey added.

Like the adventurous reporter i am, i get an interview with Deadpool

So tell us what happen in your words Mr. Wilson.

So here i was, after watching movie, i decide to take a walk, in my lovely Canada, i tried to get some enchiladas, then a cop stop me, because i look "suspicious", i mean i look delicious more that anything, i mean am i right ladies?

So what happened next?

They attacked me, i mean i screamm al knew Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, but they didnt stop, so i attack them back.

Thats not what the police says.

Who are you going to belive in, me or the pigs?

I am sure they would had never attack Wolverine, that freacking ugly hairy midget, oh he is the best in what he does and what he does is being ugly small stinky and annoying as hell, any way like ia was saying, i and Cable killed everybody because they said Domino had a fat ass, i mean i have nothing against fat asses.....

Oh wait, that is another story for another time....

Then i said i knew Joe Quesada and they kicked me in the b@llz, now i think about it that was a bad move.

So the guy on the store saty there just watching how the cops beat the crap out of me, i like the honeest hard working citizen that has never broke a law, didnt attack them.

Then it turn out i saw Carly Rae Jepsen OMG THE AWESOMENESS.

Then i did what everybody would do, i say to her, i am a mercenary if you want Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dead, i will do it for free, so Call Me Maybe.

And then show my weapons to everybody and attacked the police, Carlye Rae Jepsen and a dog that saddly saw too much, they had to call Wolverine and Gambit to stop me.

Anything else you wants to say.

I am a pirate and i download all Marvel movies, that and Tony Stark is a drunk with delusions and also WOLVERINE SUCKS!!!

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