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Hey peeps....wanted to get into reading Deadpool. Anyone know a good place to start?

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Well you haven't been missing much, not a whole lot of major characterization points or continuity to catch up on in Daniel Way's run. It's been nothing but lame jokes and uneventfulness. I would say start at issue #45 and here's what you need to know going in, there is a psychiatrist who is obsessed with Deadpool and totally batshit crazy, so she's collected all of the body parts Deadpool has lost in battle from swords and explosions and sewn together her own Frankenstein's monster version of Deadpool who is known as Evil Deadpool. And that should get you into issue #45. I would recommend picking up Uncanny X-FORCE if you haven't been, because that is the best interpretation of Deadpool out there. Also you need to know that Deadpool can't die, not because of his healing factor, which does help, but because he has been cursed by Thanos to live forever. Thanos cursed him with immortality so that Deadpool could never be with Death, who both Thanos and Deadpool love, but Death loves Deadpool, so out of jealousy Thanos vowed to keep them apart. Now whether Marvel will acknowledge or address that curse in the upcoming "Death of Deadpool" arc remains to be seen. Hope that helps.

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Yeah I know a good place to start, Visit the other hundred threads about Deadpool and where new readers should start.  
Now I'm sorry if I come off as a bit of a douche, but it's getting riduclous how this keeps happening. I'm happy more people want to read Deadpool, cause a great character like Deadpool deserves it, but it's getting a little annoying that every single newbie starts a thread asking where to start. If someone pasted one of these forums at the top, we wouldn't have this problem cause the answer to their question would be staring at them right in the face.
Honestly can someone just post this thread on the top of the forum like they do over at the Artist Alley forum, cause it's getting ridiculous how many threads we have all asking the same dang question. Let's count how many shall we......
This little piggy went to market
This little piggy stayed home
This little piggy has roast beef
and this little piggy has none
This little piggy started a new forum
And this little piggy is getting tired of answering the same question to new readers. 
So can one of these little piggys just stick this thread up on the top of the forum so we can stop this. 
Cause if not eventually all the little piggys are going to get moody and annoyed
Then none of the piggys will be happy.  
8, now 9 different threads all asking the same question. Come on Moderators where are you? We need you over here.

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@The Lobster : I don't think the moderaters want to touch Deadpool. ex. check out Deadpool's character page, it is way longer than it is supposed to be with story arc entries that should be in a seperate section.

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Looks like they need to add another moderator to the staff who will boldly go where no moderator has gone before....and keep watch over the Deadpool forum.

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@evodmasters: Despite the unnecessary size of Deadpool's page, the forum is what needs help here. Heck they should probably stick a "Where should I start" thread at the top of every character forum. Cause I highly doubt it's just Deadpool's page that also has this problem. 
@MetropolisKid41: I don't think we need a new moderator, just a "Where should I start" thread at the top of every characters forum. This way we don't have to deal with all the new readers asking the same question that readers before them have already asked. Now sure, some people should learn to use the search button but the search button isn't all that great. Seeing as how if I type "start" in the search button it only gives me results from the main forums and not the character forums. 
Maybe I'm just being too critical, but I just see a problem here that isn't being fixed. This isn't the first time I've brought this up, yet nothing has changed. Again sorry if I came off as a bit of jerk, Kid_Kwiks seems to think I am judging by the message he just sent me....
So once again, sorry if I'm coming off as a bit of a douche, I've already angered one person. I'd like to not anger anyone else. Just bringing to light something I seriously think needs to be fixed.

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