Can Deadpool regenerate from being eaten and turned into feces?

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For all intents and purposes, trying to kill Deadpool is as pointless as, in his own words regarding a different matter, "trying to dress funkier than Bootsy Collins". However, if he's eaten by someone with a strong enough stomach to digest him and is turned into excrements, can he regenerate from his stool state or will he be trapped as living but immobile poo for the rest of his existence if no one helps him out somehow? How can he regenerate if his feces form is spread across different locations? Has anyone ever tried to kill him by consuming him? What usually happens to Deadpool when he is transformed into something else, is he alive but unconscious or does his mind work on an astral plane so that he can still think even when every molecule in his body is turned into rock/dust/feces etc? And can he heal from such a procedure or does he need help to regrow his body?

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That's disgusting.

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Any means neccessary, Lade Hygiene will have to stand back when it comes to finding a way to beat someone like Deadpool.

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