Can a cosmic or magical being kill Deadpool?

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I know Thanos has cancelled his immortality and all, but can a being more powerful than Thanos (without the IG of course) overcome the curse and kill Deadpool or will you have to be more powerful than Death herself to kill Deadpool? Can an elite leve cosmic or magical being kill him, or is he immortal in all circumstances and against all opponents? Can any of the following kill Deadpool?

A) Galactus

B) Silver Surfer

C) Ghost Rider

D) Doctor Strange

E) The Phoenix Force

F) Cyttorak (just because so many fanboys belch about how powerful he is)

G) Zeus

H) Odin

I) Dormammu

J) Superman Prime One Million (not Marvel but I'm curious)

K) Squirrel Girl

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Well, last I heard he lost his healing factor and with it his immortality if I heard right? But even with his HF and immortality anybody like A) Galactus, G) Zeus and H) Odin could cancel his immortality and kill him? That's what I think.

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I am not sure you can cancel a curse.

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A regular human can at this moment in time.

Deadpool no longer has his healing factor and it only seems like his fans are the ones who remember this "curse".

All throughout his last story arc it was never mentioned Deadpool himself was convinced he could now die since he has lost his healing factor.

I'm pretty sure that if writers were still using this "curse" in his books...Deadpool would have remembered it.

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Okey, but let's focus on Deadpool at the time when the curse was active, could a cosmic or anyone of those I listed kill him back then?

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