**Brain Posehn Thread**

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Brain Posehn, writer of Deadpool in the new Marvel NOW! relaunch and one of the greatest comedic comic writers of our time, so I think he has all rights of deserveing his own thread.

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Brain Posehn discussing about his new job at working on the Marvel NOW! Deadpool title.

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Deadpool #3 Cover

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What about Gerry Duggan? He's writing the book with Brian Posehn and if you read some of his twitter posts he can be pretty funny at times. 
While I love the book and it's great to FINALLY have a Deadpool book worth reading. It's still pretty early to judge if these guys are great or not. The zombie president arc is fun and all and every issue has made me laugh so far, but I can't wait to see what Gerry and Brian have up their sleeves in terms of tackling the character of Deadpool. Gerry has said that the next arc gets very dark and gritty, which has me stoked. A fun arc is good every once and a while, but Deadpool is a character not just a walking punchline. I need to see where they go with that, before I can tell if they're good or not.
While they probably won't be a good as Joe Kelly's run, (I've accepted the fact that no-one will probably reach his level) they've already succeeded Daniel Way and most of the previous Deadpool writers in terms of awesomeness. I'm sure they'll make it to Rick Remender or Gail Simone level of quality eventually....or at least I hope. 
Great book, just can't wait for them to dive into what makes Deadpool tick.

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I am tentatively optimistic about this series, while I am liking the liking the concept and writing so far, I am reminded of how I was all about the D Way Deadpool series when it first started.

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I will say this, it is the only Marvel book I am pulling, and it is the only book my girlfriend reads.

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