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Is Deadpool a self insert parody of nerd critics who represent the thoughts of said nerd critics? Insane or not, Deadpool is certainly to meant to humorize comic books based on pop culture. And seems to OCish sometime, anyone can write Deadpools dialouge because you can link Deadpool with the typical fanboy from 4chan and ED. And the whole Ninja Spider-Man with Wolverine powers is questionable to.

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uhhh......yes.....I think. 
Certainly Deadpool is a way to make fun of whatever Marvel does and if not that he should be. I feel like the criticizing aspect of Deadpool has kinda disappeared since Daniel Way's run. Even Rick Remender's run doesn't have him make fun of certain comic book conventions. Heck Deadpool isn't even that much of a chatterbox nowadays. Now he's just portrayed as the loveable idiot. He's like Zack Galafankis' character in the Hangover, the loveable moron who tries to do good but never seems to get it right.

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