Agent Bob and Bruno

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Slight Deadpool Max #1 Spoiler below 

So what did everyone think about Agent Bob getting sodomized in Deadpool Max #1? Funny? Gross? Wished it was you?

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I think the V are supposed to be arrows.
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My question is, Why did people hate this first issue? 
Was it because Deadpool wasn't in it that much?....Well if that's the case then you forgot that this is a first issue, and it's setting the series up. What better way to introduce the audiences to this crazy killer then seeing his methods happen from the eyes of a normal person?
Was it the vulgar stuff? Well it's a MAX book so if you weren't expecting vulgar stuff to happen then I don't know what MAX book's you've been reading. Plus it's Deadpool so a Deadpool MAX book should have some vulgar humor to it. 
Was it the artwork.....okay this is understandable, obviously the artwork isn't for everyone but I rather enjoyed it. It's got this abstract kind of feel to it that I totally dig, and a Norman Rockwall on crack kind of look to it. It's also far better then Kyle Baker's CGI stuff that is still to this day unbearable to look at.
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@The Lobster : I think most people just hate Kyle Baker's artwork
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I loved Deadpool Max. Best Deadpool book i've read in a while. It's like Punisher Max... on LSD, magic mushrooms and ecstacy pills.
Loved that it was told from Bob's POV. He represents us, the reader, looking in on this utterly absurd and insane world. And i liked that Deadpool was treated as some mythical, legendary hitman. I mean come on... the Yakuza have a picture of him tattoo'd to their dicks so they remain vigilant! That's awesome.
And has Hammerhead EVER been this interesting? As some Howard Hughes esque mob boss? Was a great spin on the character who up until that point i've though of as some lame Dick Tracy villain rip off.
The story was pretty generic, but the way it was told is what made it good. Through the eyes of other characters. And it had a nice twist about half way through.
The art? It's a polarizing style sure, but i love that surreal, trippy style. And whether you like the style or not, the actual story telling flow to it was very good. The action scenes were coherent and the characters were well posed. Kyle Baker is a great artist, whether you like his style or not is all opinion.

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@SuperAgentDeadpool:  Look at it's page, read some of the reviews...besides mine. 
It has a 2.2 star average out of 9 votes. It's not doing good.
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@SuperAgentDeadpool said:

" @DeathpooltheT1000 said:

" @Delta Red said:
" I think the V are supposed to be arrows. "

"Damn you, they know the future!!!
there's a spoiler box?! they've though of everything "
Yes, it because they could see the future, yes, is hard to find it, but the vs looke weird.

@the ace of knaves:

Something like this?

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this should be in the Bob Forums..
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@SuperAgentDeadpool: Who could hate The Rock?
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" @DeathpooltheT1000 said:

" @SuperAgentDeadpool: Who could hate The Rock?"

i did, i was a Stone Cold fan. Stone Cold Stunner! btw, Miley Cyrus was soo awesome in the Dark Knight "
Yeah, he won the Oscar that year, i really belive she was the Joker and Miley Montana Two Faces, i was a Steve Austin fan, before the Stone Cold gimmick, i like Stone Cold, but before the Stone Cold character he was an amazin technical wrestlers
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bruno? are you talking about this bruno?

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@mrtrickster: yes, yes we are.
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@mrtrickster said:
" bruno? are you talking about this bruno?

Why is Borat a dumbassnow?
I like the pant for a weird reason

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