A Way's to mess up an entire character (pun)

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Seriously Wtf bro?!?, Deadpool can't be made mortal O_o (reborn), well not by injecting some baby hair into you and some comic science serum juice, I mean curing his initial healing factor, totally possible, hell for a while it was heavily stunted (which was awesome, cause he had to get the hulk to bleed) but now after he was CURSED WITH ETERNAL LIFE, by one of the most powerful entities out there, and lover of death. This is fixed by some random dude with a bs dna sample from his birth hair (which lets face it even in the comic book world that's a huuuuuge stretch, who randomly has some unknown brats hair) in his hands?

Even in the event ol' Dp actually found a way to make himself "not immortal/beyond a super trooper healer with the ability to randomly spawn on earth in the event his bodies vaporized" via removing his life curse (Which is still not even confirmed) and only having his healing factor remain, his whole goal was to DIE. So what would he have a reason to do anything else? Why would he all of a sudden start trying to play it safe or according to Way, "Coming out of 'Dead' what you're going to see for quite awhile is something that I don't think fans have ever seen; Deadpool fighting for his own life.What happens in 'Reborn' is that it becomes known that Deadpool is vulnerable and he's a guy who's pissed off a lot of people," Way explained. "So when it becomes known that he is no longer untouchable they'll be coming out of the woodwork to come and get his ass. So this is Deadpool literally fighting for his life." = TOTALLY WETADED, and is a middle finger to every past writer and especially kelly.

He'd fight a bit sure, but not for his life, and definitely not literally, because he literally wants to die and had been waiting to do so since back in his project X days in that "land of broken toys-like facility" where he accidentally triggered his initial regen abilities by wanting to beat the crap out of whats his face for what happened to Worm where he screwed himself forever being with his true love in an attempt to do what he felt was right. I understand what Kelly wanted for this character 200 times more than Way, and I'm not even a professional writer (I think my grammatical errors throughout my post shows that.) Like come on Way, if you ever take the time to go on these forums by some random boredom google deadpool search and see this thread, then I have a bit of advice, read your source material, ask the original creator questions from time to time to better understand Dps psyche/feel, you can still be your own writer without literally creating huge plot holes, and for gods sake wear a speedo, they might be a lame thing now but just wait a couple decades you'll totally be ahead of the trend.

And this is my first post, out of years and years of reading these forums and years of watching giantbombs quick looks every night THIS has made me create an account, just to vent... probably cause I've been reading deadpool for 8 days straight every day and night...and times like dusk >_> and dawn. whilst waiting on college to start so I's can finish my edumacation and become what I always wanted to be- a homeless man with a masters degree... don't worry my cardboard box would totally be on cribs, it would be that good... as long as they don't show it after a rainy day.

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