A Possibly Lesser Known Deadpool Story.

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Long story short: I found X-Men Unlimited #28 here on the site and there was a back-up story with Deadpool that intrigued me. I found a very comprehensive synopsis at UncannyXmen.Net, and so I thought I'd share it. This story strikes me as the way Deadpool should be written more often. I enjoy his humor a lot, but many writers forget his more serious moments.  
Again, this is all from UncannyXmen.Net:
Times Square: Wade Wilson a.k.a. the Merc with the Mouth Deadpool has a trench coat and hat on protecting himself from the pouring rain. He decides that the “polished apple” is really getting on his nerves, for he used to really feel at home here, but once the mayor chased away the lowlifes, strip clubs and triple-x-rated features, the city lost most of its edge. The only way he thinks he would feel comfortable now would be to dress up in a mouse suit, dance and sing down Broadway while holding hands with his fellow man. ‘Just kidding. I’d rather suck down a double barrel’s worth of buckshot’.

He recalls that it has been a couple of bad days, for his apartment blew up and along with it, almost everything he owns. All he has left are a few trusty weapons and around 200 hundred dollars, but at least he is still alive, that has to count for something. He knows that there are people he could seek out for help, but he is just not in the mood for panhandling. In fact, he is so out of it he nearly forgets he still has his mask on - but it is New York, so no one notices.

He stops at the hardware store to pick up a shovel and some construction gloves, with a final cost of $38.00, meaning there is plenty left over to get him where he is going and back. Deadpool hails a cab and is on his way. ‘Fort Lee, New Jersey, take the George Washington Bridge’ he tells the driver. With all the rain and traffic, the ride will give him a little time to think, especially as his mind keeps going in the wrong directions lately, he needs to focus on the hear and now.

He cannot help thinking about Sandee, it has only been…three years now? He can’t quite recall. He does remember that it was Summertime at the Jersey shore, Wildwood to be exact. There were three thieves who robbed 4 million from one of the Donald’s Casino’s the night before, and there was a price on their heads. Big crime equals big reward. It was work for hire, so Deadpool was on it.

The guys name, as he later found out, was Jack Krush, a small time thief who was in way over his head. A red light went on when Deadpool got a tip about some moron throwing around a bunch of crisp hundred dollar bills in a buck-three-eighty type of strip joint called “The Crab Shack”. Amateur. Deadpool engaged Krush in a fight which tumbled out of the bar and onto the boardwalk, It took most people who were there a couple of minutes to figure out that this wasn’t part of the freak show exhibit!

Little did they know, Deadpool thought, before almost feeling sorry for the guy. Almost. But then Krush lands on the roller coaster tracks. ‘Gee, roller-coasters are fun!’ When the screams of horror died down and the Technicolor vomit stopped flying, Deadpool fished a bunch of numbers from the bottom third of Krush’s body. Not much else to be found there, so he hunted the midsection, and the search didn’t take long, thanks to the friend dough vendor, he found a key in the shirt pocket, which was all he needed.

Later, Deadpool scoped out the motel, everyone was still in there on the second floor. The girl doesn’t look too happy, and while it was hard to make out what was going on, he knew that there were three of them, two baddies and a young girl. He doesn’t like it one bit, for she looks young. ’Fifteen will get you Twenty in Jersey’. Every bone in his cancer-ridden body wanted to charge in there with guns blazing - not a good idea, he had to be smarter than that. So it took him thirty minutes and a little imagination, but it was all he could come up with - pizza boy.

Deadpool was thankful for his image inducer, and knocked on the apartment door, ‘Pizza!’ ‘Didn’t order any…aw, what the heck…’ comes the reply, as the younger of the men let the disguised Deadpool inside. Crime makes you hungry, something Deadpool is familiar with. Deadpool enters the apartment and fires at the younger man, clipping his shooting arm causing him to fall to the floor. The old guy reacted a little too fast, but adding to the confusion the girl cried ‘Mom?’

Never in a million years did Deadpool expect what happened next - ‘Die!’ shouted the girls mother as she shot Deadpool at close range in the back. All of a sudden, he was the bad guy. He didn’t even have time to laugh. ‘She shoots me in the back and mothers everywhere let out a sigh of relief’. Deadpool falls down hard. Things then went from bad to ugly really quick - the older guy panicked and shot the girls mother right in the head - she was gone in a flash. The younger guy tried to get to his feet but he got caught the crossfire. Bad move, and he too is shot in the head.

The older man was in shock and froze, giving the girl an opportunity to strike back, she lashed at his face with her nails and in a blind panic he runs toward the front door, tripping over Deadpool and the mother in the process, and then fell through the second story window, landing in a bloody mess on top of a car parked below.

Deadpool managed to get up with the girls help and they made their way down to her car. The night turned out to be full of surprises, and the girl, Sandee, turned out to be a lot tougher than Deadpool had originally thought. She drove them down to Cape May and checked them into the Dillon motel. By the time Deadpool passed out and woke up the next morning, Sandee had removed his shirt, turned off his image inducer and bandaged him up like a pro.

Wade gave her credit, and she wasn’t freaked out by how he looked - either she was just being polite or she was more screwed up than he thought. Deadpool sat up and spoke to her. He doesn’t know why, but he told her all about himself, how he started up in the mercenary game, how he found out he had terminal cancer and how Dr. Killbrew’s treatment gave him this uncanny healing factor. How he had so much going against him and still managed to come through it all - he thought it might help her.

Through Deadpool’s entire story, Sandee didn’t say a word, but she smiled - amazing what that can do to a hard-boiled guy like him. It was then that they heard it, right outside the room. The old man was back. Deadpool regrets that he didn’t check his body before they left, and thinks that they should have used his car. Lots of should haves…. Deadpool was caught off guard and still feeling like tendered beef, the old man gets the upper hand and he is mighty angry.

‘See what you did yo your father? Now your boyfriend’s gonna die!’ the old man shouts. Wide-eyed, Sandee replies that she was so scared, and asks her father to let her prove it. Somehow, she wins her father over in a second - this didn’t look good for Wade as Sandee told her father she can prove her live for him and pointed the gun at Deadpool - then winked.

With a tear falling from her eye, Sandee fired to the right of Deadpool - one shot, and this time, Dad stayed down. Sandee slumps to the ground, she was mess, and with a family like that, she never had a chance. Deadpool thought he could change that. He checked the dad and discovered 300 hundred grand - about one million short. He put two and two together and realized that it was an inside job, an insurance scam from the casino, by claiming more was stolen, they make more money. Only they were never meant to be caught. That was their mistake.

Deadpool made a collect call to the insurance agency handling the casino, tell them the full story and kept the cash for a job well done - and for the expenses of the damage done. Wade collected Sandee and the money then headed North on the Garden State parkway, not much else was said between them.

Their first stop was the Lady of Help Psychiatric Center, highly recommended in its field, Wade thinks that he could use a year or seven in their too. Sandee was so shell shocked that she doesn’t even notice where she is. Wade set up an account with the “main penguin” and gave her most of the cash to help her out, also giving her his phone number and any other info she might need, it is kept to a bare minimum.

Deadpool was hoping that this might set Sandee in the right direction, a new name, a new home and a new way of looking at life. But a week later he received a phone call - Sandee had taken her life. He was her only next of kin and took care of all the details. He tried to help, but it was out of his hands. Sandee was not at rest so he made sure she was properly marked and buried - the remaining money was buried with her too, for there was too much blood and bad vibes connected to it.

Only now the tables have turned and Deadpool is in a bad way for some cash. Blood money or not, he needs it, Sandee isn’t going to miss it after all. He feels bad about doing it, but everyone deserves a second chance. Sandee’s grave, marked “R.I.P. Sandee Wade 1983-2000” is dug up. Deadpool hopes that he will not let her down, after all, they are family. With that, he takes the money, covers her grave back up and leaves in the pouring rain.    

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This story led to an arc called "Cruel Summer". It was... interesting. 
Very Noiresque.

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@Deadknight: interesting....
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@Deadknight:  i love dp when he's serious
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that story also made an appearance in Deadpool Family #1 in case you didn't know

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I've been toying around with a fan fiction with Deadpool, working title, "The Bad Hit". This is the kind of style and mood that i am going for.

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