super_man_23's Deadpool #4 - The Quick and the Dead and the Really Dead review

Deadpool #4

There might be undead Presidents on the rise with an evil agenda at remaking the United States, but for them to succeed they have to go through Deadpool. In this fourth issue, it's Abe vs. Deadpool in a battle to the death!

The Good

This is the best DEADPOOL title in years! Daniel Way might have written stories for the character more than anyone, but the creative minds [wrtiers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan and artist Tony Moore and Val Staples] have made DEADPOOL a title worth picking up every month. The writers and artist that are on this book use all of Deadpool's great characteristics and jam pack this book to make it outstanding.

Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan really outdid themselves in this issue with the comedy. With their references of Presidents that no one really knows about [i.e. Zachary Taylor and James K. Polk], a movie reference [Die Hard], and Deadpool's reference about Abe Lincoln being Wolverine's father are just some of the highlights of this issue. The two writers really know how to make this story work for Deadpool and not just be a bland adventure with Deadpool fighting the undead. Deadpool breaking the 4th Wall every once in a while is a great break from the comic book norm. In this issue, Posehn and Duggan really know how to differentiate violence from the comedy and when to add the two together to ultimately draw out an outstanding story.

The artwork by Tony Moore and the colors by Val Staples is just amazing. There is not much that can be said about the two. They really help make this series enjoyable every single month.

The Bad

No complaints. This is the funniest issue yet.

The Verdict

If you are still contemplating on whether reading this series is a good idea or not, then let me help you: It is action packed, violent, and funny PICK THIS SERIES UP!

Previous issue:

Deadpool 3 - Dr. Strange Lives (Or How I Learned Deadpool Was Da Bomb)

Next issue:

Deadpool 5 - Star Wars: Revenge of the Gipper

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    A Punch to the Face 0

    As much as I've disliked this series in the past, this issue really takes the cake for me. It overuses the breaking of the fourth way even more than the last issue did, it intentionally rushes through a lot of segments because the plot is too unwieldy as it is, the jokes are unfunny, the characters are overly chauvinistic, and on a couple of occasions there's literally no logic or explanation for what happens, specifically towards the end. I can't say this enough; this series is poorly conceive...

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