Review: Deadpool Team-Up #889

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Deadpool's hired to protect a "damsel in distress"  on a secret island from Gorilla Man. Of course, they both soon realize that they're better off teaming up against that damsel, instead.

The Good

This was fast, fun and light. In other words, it was exactly what I was looking for. Good escapism. This issue wasn't packed wall-to-wall with laughs, but there were still some good gags - - my favorite one was about gorilla being a master of disguise, "but only for similar looking apes." Also, considering that he's just a throwaway villain, the composite-Borgia monster shown here was actually a pretty cool idea for a character. Hopefully he'll live to terrorize DP again.

The Bad

How much you like this issue's modest scope and one-off nature is going to depend on how much you like DP as a character. If you think we're going through Wade Wilson overload, right now, this issue's going to come off as pretty pointless and possibly excessive to you. And, I've got to say it  - - this comic needed an inker.

The Verdict - 3.5/5

Deadpool Team-Up's became a great showcase for good, clean, in-and-out escapism. There's no continuity to worry about, here, nor epic storylines or heavy themes - - as odd as it sounds for a book about Deadpool, this issue was actually very Silver Age. And it's also been a great showcase for new talent, as well, because I hadn't encountered Sanders before on a comic and I'll definitely keep an eye out for his art in the future.
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I liked it, though I think it would be awesome as a series and that the gorilla could be interesting as a foil for Deadpool. 
Not on Deadpool overload yet. Ask me when the movie comes out.

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@nilmandir said:

"I liked it, though I think it would be awesome as a series and that the gorilla could be interesting as a foil for Deadpool.  Not on Deadpool overload yet. Ask me when the movie comes out. "

The movie will never come out. =/
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  @NXH:  yes it will... just maybe not with reynolds. the studio wouldn't pay people to write a script and try to get rodriguez to dump spy kids 4 if they didn't want to make it.
anyway... this issue sums up why i think if any Deadpool books should be canned, it shouldn't be Team Up. It's great that Mavel is using Deadpools overexposure to get more obscure, but still awesome characters like Kenny Hale some time to shine too. Wade and Kenny make a good pairing. The art was cool, Parkers dialogue is snappy. And it was just outright insane fun. 
And also, seeing as soooo many comics are plagued with "decompression" these days (Matt Fraction i'm looking at you) it's cool to have a series of one and done stories.

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Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.
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@the ace of knaves:
I except there will be a movie one day, but deffentaily not for ages.

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