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Witty Story Title...

Everyone should love Deadpool - he's a heckuva character. He's got a number of titles running right now, so there's plenty of him to read. Picking this title up means you have extra money in your wallet and you like Deadpool more than a little. 
Its not a terrible story at all. The plot is pretty basic - two "heroes" get drawn into a puzzle that is constructed to kill them. They are an unlikely team-up, but lots of fun in general. The villains are some of the lesser known/lesser-used ones of the Marvel Universe, and its good to see someone (anyone!) other than Osborn these days!  There are a few fight scenes. Of course, they escape, defeat the baddies, and go relax in a tropical climate with drinks! 
Its clear that attempts are made to make Deadpool (and all his voices) sardonic, witty, and ironic. Unfortunately, the jokes just don't clear the bar. Deadpool is a unique character to write and I imagine he's difficult to write, too. But this writing is lacking the spark of whatever-the-heck-it-is that makes Deadpool great. That being said, I have read better Deadpool and can only give this two stars.

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