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A Match Made In A Very Twisted Part Of Heaven 0

 Merc & Herc in one comic?! The great thing about working in the comic industry as i do, is that you get a heads up to these sort of things. So when i heard that this was gonna happen i couldn't help but get excited, and my excitement really didn't go to waste on this comic. It was a good duo, Starsky & Hutch, Bugs & Daffy, Bats &... You know what i'll pass on that one but you catch my drift it was a good team-up. I love Marvel Team-Ups and whether they b good or bad i still like...

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This is the Deadpool I remember 0

Ever since Deadpool's new revamp by Daniel Way I've felt like there has been something missing. This was the Psychology of Deadpool. His antics were always crazy but more recently it's been off the charts. Deadpool wasn't as funny as he used to be and he also wasn't as sad.  I'll admit I wasn't excited to ear Deadpool had a third ongoing but I'm glad I picked this issue up. It's very psychologically driven and it keeps you guessing and laughing while you do so. I can't wait to see more....

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Witty Story Title... 0

Everyone should love Deadpool - he's a heckuva character. He's got a number of titles running right now, so there's plenty of him to read. Picking this title up means you have extra money in your wallet and you like Deadpool more than a little.   Its not a terrible story at all. The plot is pretty basic - two "heroes" get drawn into a puzzle that is constructed to kill them. They are an unlikely team-up, but lots of fun in general. The villains are some of the lesser known/lesser-used ones of th...

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