aspenite's Deadpool Team-Up #896 - Good Buddies review

Boring, dull, prosy,unamusing!

Let´s start with the good news. The art in this issue is pretty good but that´s all. This issue is by far one of the most uninteresting issues I´ve ever read. It was a torture to get this through!  

Deadpool has to earn some money so he takes a job as a trucker. He has to deliever a mysterious cargo with his new "friend" U.S.Ace. They both get a visit by the Raccoon patrol. They overrun the raccoons...and that´s it. That is all we got concerning the action part. I mean this is a Deadpool issue where are my action scenes??? And where are the jokes??? Nothing! The Dialogue was so damn boring I almost fell asleep when I read it.

I´m a big Deadpool fan but this was just bad. No action, no jokes, no story! I begin to wonder where this series wants to go? There is no connection between the issues. So you better not spend your money on this one, save it for something cooler!

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Posted by lostlantern13

Reviews of bad comics are always more entertaining than the book itself.

Posted by Aspenite
@lostlantern13: Yeah, it was more fun writing this than actually reading the issue!
Posted by HaloKing343

You're right, the art was good. If only that was redeeming enough.

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