abnormally_warm_guy's Deadpool Team-Up #896 - Good Buddies review

This isn't a Deadpool comic

WARNING: If you thought (you know because of the title) that this was an issue about Deadpool. YOU'RE WRONG!
This is an issue about U.S. Ace. WHO THE HELL IS U.S. Ace?
Deadpool is a side character in this comic and though it had some really funny moments it is really lacking. Do yourself a favor. Skip this issue. Unless... you like U.S. Ace... he has been in a comic before (Ghost rider apparently).

Posted by W@de Wilson

I kinda already want this Deadpool Team-Up book to disappear.  I like the concept (being a Pool fan, and not minding exposure to some of the C and D list Marvel characters) but one issue is not enough time to do anything.  You try and introduce a character, get people to understand his personality, on top of attempting to put in a usually thrown together story in 24 pages, and something just gets lost...usually the entertainment factor. 
Kill it, kill it with fire.

Posted by Abnormally Warm Guy
@W@de Wilson: I completely agree. I'd be all for this book if it did arcs. But single throw away issues every time? I'll pass.

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